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Jun 10, 2011
Hey all! I have broken free of the bonds of the Bullseye! I found a full time teaching position and obviously, a teacher's salary is way better than Target, so I took it.

I put in my two weeks as soon as I found out (which was on the 12th). I had been scheduled for this week, but ended up having teacher's workshops, so I did the gracious thing and found people to cover for me. I also showed up for ALL of my shifts last week and pulled no shenanigans (although I really wanted to...teehee).

I went into my store today and was just getting a couple items and discovered my TM discount didn't work. Hm. So I went home and tried to log into eHR...and nothing. My question is, my insurance for the new job doesn't start right away, so will my Target insurance cover until the new plan starts? Or until the 26th? Or is it gone now? I could log into the Target Pay and Benefits site still, but that may not matter. And last week's paycheck paid out the insurance...

I guess it's not a HUGE deal, I was hoping to get a physical squeezed in before school starts and moving. I was just a little surprised that they shoved me out of the system already...people who left six months ago still occasionally show up on the grid.

I'll still be poking in around here, depending on if I get internet in my new place...and even if you leave, you're still curious. At least I am. :)
Congratulations, my jealousy knows no bounds.
I'm very happy for you.
Not sure about the cut off stuff, have to ask one of our HR folk.
I have two TMs who put in their 2 weeks in July, yet are still on the schedule. Yet, the girl who quit two weeks ago is gone.

There is a good chance, you were termed. Ck with your hr & ask what happened. Let's hope you don't have a "non rehireble" status, in case you want to do spot as part time gig. If you have 401k, you need to contact tmsc. Also, you will get a ck for unused vacation. Any personal holidays not used, zero paid.
It's great you got a job in your career field.
Congrats. Another one leaves the nest.
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If insurance was withheld from your check, you should be covered to the end of that period.
As to discount, sounds like someone wanted to cut you off quick. Petty but not unheard of.

To echo Commie, I'm jealous but my joy knows no bounds that you found something in your field.
*sniff* It's always so nice to see them freed....
Oh great. Just realized that I had direct deposit paperless. Will I get a last check? I can't get into eHR.

I got my answer in the mail today - my coverage ended today. I need to call my school and see when my coverage starts, I'm betting it will be mid-September. I'm highly annoyed with this - it does seem petty. I guess the fact I had to give up my shifts this week was enough for them. I wasn't a TM that called out a lot or was even disrespectful - but I know my store didn't really like me.

Thanks everyone for the answers and support. I'm really excited, minus this whole insurance thing. :)
we have strict rules about your last day and how long it takes us to key your term. So they probably decided since you gave your shifts away, you were done. They would not wait until your two weeks were fully done.

I think it's a communication issue that when a team member quits, HR should explain these facts.

Many times, I don't even get to talk to the departing team member about it - I find out they have already left, and the details are fuzzy.

I just have to get the info keyed - and the result of that is the coverage ceases, the discount ends, and questions ensue.

All team members who are quitting should get the info from a HR who knows what they are doing - and call TMSC/HROC to confirm. Especially if insurance bennies are involved.

I am incredibly happy for you! Fly, be free!
Yeah, all the ETL-HR told me was to get the resignation form filled out. That was about it. She gave me the driest congratulations ever, too.

I'm going to call to see if I get a final check sent to me since I can't get into eHR anymore, and that should answer the insurance question. I'm betting I'll get the, "Well, we're not really sure how it works" answer. *sigh*

Thanks, Annie! I am so excited to be done. I'll still shop at Target, but it won't be in this store ever again. :)
you can reach the 401K people at 1.800.828.5850

unpaid vaca time will be automatically paid out on your last check - we don't even have to do that at store level - it happens at HQ
Also, don't go to the store to get your check. They mail them. I got a final paycheck, then the check for the unused vacation and then a check to reimburse me for the excess 401k contribution. I cashed out of the 401k as soon as I could and they withheld a contribution on the vacation check, which was after I'd cashed out the 401k. So they had to reimburse me.
i know with a 401k you either have to transfer it, or cash it out. but what happens with your pension?
Is it true that if you are with Target for 10 years or more, you can keep you're discount card?
I believe if you've worked at least 10 yrs & are at least 55 when you retire, you get your discount for life.
But I defer to our HR guru, Annie.
Yeah, I think it's if you retire, you keep your card. I still have mine - it just doesn't work. :) They didn't ask for that or my nametags, so I kept them.

My money was deposited last Friday, we'll see if I get a paper copy in the mail.
Annie, would you know if they send a final printed check out? I have direct deposit paperless and I obviously can't get into eHR...would be helpful to see if my insurance was deducted.
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