Service & Engagement "Have a good night!"

Jan 20, 2023
Contacted by a Target recruiter (via Indeed) regarding a ETL position for Service and Engagment August 2022. I accepted the opportunity: 4 interviews, 6 weeks of training. 2 weeks in home store, sent back for to two weeks of training (due to my supposed "p[erformance"). Returned for less than 5 days and termed. The first 6 weeks was a blur, I was exposed to various training and Target practices. I did gain knowledge, but needed more time in the areas of scheduling and details that my position required for success. I was trained during Q4 and accepted the hit and miss of a more concentraited opportunity out of season. After my trainig to get started, I joined my home store. I had NO team leads and the position of the ETL S&E was vacant for some time as well. I mdove in to the position. I knew there were things I needed to learn, but in the rush of the holidays I got to know my team and assisted with the front. "Shooting from the hip". After roughly one week I was ill, spent 2 1/2 days in and out of the doctors offices and communicated with my SD and HR. When I returned to the store I was met with a scolding and "not to make a habit of being ill". The first sign.... The gut feeling. A day or two passed and I was in the middle of intervierwing a possible checkout advocate, and I recieved a call, it was the SD (who had only been in this postion for two weeks prior to my own). I was told that I was going to be sent to further training. Given no prior warning and expected to leave the day after Christmas. Currently, this was the day before Christmas Eve. I was to leave the 26th. I accepted and planned for another out of town journey to yet another store. Prior to my two week training I met again with the SD. She went through all the ETL S&E responsibilities, and proceeded to tell me that I didn't meet even one of them. In my sinking heart, I knew that wasn't true. I did need to learn more and concentrate on scheduling as well as other responsibilities. I assumed my own store would help and guide me. I was wrong. I headed to my training. Again, another SD newly in his position as well, proceeded to shatter me before I had even made it out to the floor. This SD basically mentioned that he was briefed on my poor skill level and performance. He said that he know I was given a stern warning. Mind You, this was the first time I have ever met him. However, my trainer was an absolute joy. Before noon the first day I had learned volumes of information and job details I so desperatly wanted to clarify and know. The last SD status before I left the two week training was not only insulting it was without merit. Even though my trainer gave me good reviews and encouragment, it was not accepted by this Director. I was told that I he was scared for me, that I was below average as an ETL and I might as well just forget my last two days of training because he could not see me wasting my time on accomplishing anything more. I was also told that he was good friends with the prior trainer in the last store (6 weeks) and that he knew I had awesome training because she was one of the best, that I must of not caught on like I was supposed to. Spoken to as if I was a child. I was in shock. I did finish those two days and felt prepared to begin work in my home store. When I returned I was met with another status. My SD basically micromanaged every move I made. Again the same humiliation crept in. I knew something was desperatly wrong. I continued to impliment what I had learned. I worked with the schedule (my newly hired TL) had started and continued to address safety issues, ordering, conversations, new hires, ran the front, communicated with my team and felt great about my progress. I was wrong. 5 days later I was called in the office of the SD and termed. I was told that I had not improved and that I was no longer part of the Target corp. I was to leave my walkie, my name tag, and my device. on her table. I was followed to my office and watched. She asked if i needed a box for my things..I responded that due to the short time I was in my office, I has not accumilated much of anything. I packed my backpack and headed for the door. I was followed right up to the exit by the SD. As I opened the door to leave, she (SD) said, "Have a good night!" smile and all, framed her face. Half way out to my veichle I stopped and paused. I knew I needed to fine tune my skills and learn more and more, but I never thought I would be fired for "poor performance." I had been an assistant manager, trainer, guide, educator, source and encourager to all I had responsibilty for. This was a nightmare from start to finish. Days after, I was messaged, texted and called from my team. They felt angry and saddened with all that happened. I was thankful for the experience I had with each person and thanked them for every effort I witnessed. I'm still heartbroken and shocked, but tomorrow is another day. Thank you

I grew up in retail. My father was Piggly Wiggly, HyVee and in his last years traing store directors. I am no stranger to the environment. I have 3 degrees AA (psychology/education and training), BA Psychology (Clinical and Practical), BA Education/Teaching (Reading endorsement/special needs). I worked toward making the human experience the best it could be for everyone. However the truest part of my education was the experience I attained from others and in the job.
Yeah seems like you dodged a bullet tbh. Not all targets are like this and there is no way you could of improved int he time they gave you. It also seems like you weren't ready for the job. There is a lot of learning to do at spot and not having store experience to begin with can be overwhelming. Good luck in the future.
Agreed especially since poster just joined the forum just three days ago.

The post is also long and rambling and seems written by someone that hadn't passed high school English let alone someone with three degrees.
Not making a call on the post one way or the other however...
When my wife was the editor of the union newsletter the rule for going to the union events around the country (and getting it paid for) was that people had to write about it for the newsletter.
These were people with multiple masters degrees and in some cases PhDs.
Some who teach English, some who are administrators.
I was correcting their articles and I haven't finished college.
Some of the articles didn't look much better than this.
To be fair, they didn't really care about the article, it wasn't like it was something important to their career and was only going to be seen within their own circle.
And they knew my wife (namely me) would clean it up.
But still.