Freight flow issues

May 8, 2020
No cancelling, but our freight has been very inconsistent. Some days the trailer is half full, other days we’re getting a double packed to the brim.

I would be curious to know why this happens, if it’s a test of sorts from higher up to see if sales continue to increase with increased freight, or if there is some larger issue in the supply chain that results in large variations
Sep 25, 2017
Some lighter trucks, but we seem to have a permanent "extra" every week that we didn't have pre-covid. Went back to what was normal after 4th quarter for a couple of weeks and had huge trucks every truck day, so now we're back to having a small truck maybe every other week.
I don't complain about it! Use those days to get other stuff done like SPs ahead of due date, BR clean-up, audit my whole area instead of an aisle or two, etc. We had a little one yesterday and I took advantage of it to adjust some shelves after a recent transition.