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Oct 14, 2011
For all electronics TMs - get ready for something pretty cool your playstation rep will be bringing in next week. Can't say what it is, only that it is probably one of the coolest things you will have in the department....
When I first read this I thought it would be something Call Of Duty Related since the reveal is next week for something we dont know about.. *shrugs shoulders*
My Playstation Rep was in last week, and didn't say anything about anything new. All she did was upgrade the Vita security system.
Kiss the Kindle goodbye.

Saw that today, as well. What a stupid move on Target's end. My ETL claimed it was because Amazon is Target's #1 competitor of online sales, but she's an idiot, so I take everything she says with a grain of salt.

Plus, I mean, seriously? Target is no competition to Amazon.
I heard this as well! SOOOO STUPID! Oh well, guess I should quick pony up for a Kindle touch before it goes bye bye so I can use my discount on it! What on earth? That is going to KILL E-Reader sales. They might as well not count towards attachments anymore! We might as well not sell E-Readers because nobody buys the other ones except for the nooks here and there. What on earth Target?
The Electronics TL told us about this a few days ago, but said it was only the Kindle Touch going away. Since we don't sell all that many of those, it didn't seem like a big deal. Are ALL Kindles being removed? If so, say goodbye to several thousand each month, and AAR in the tank.
OK, if I'm getting this right, I think people are getting misinformed some. There is a project coming down the pipe for SFTs that we are to remove the Amazon Kindle DEDICATED display case and end up combining select models into the STANDARD e-reader display case. Essentially, Target is consolidating their selection, but we should still be carrying some of the Kindle models going forward.
The message I got was that Target will absolutely cease carrying Kindles. Dumb, dumb move by Target.
The message I got was that Target will absolutely cease carrying Kindles. Dumb, dumb move by Target.

This is what I got from it, too. Saw the email that my STL received, and I believe it said something along the lines of, ”Target has made the decision to cease carrying Amazon products (i.e. Kindles). There will still be an assortment of Kindle accessories.”

They also listed two numbers to give to both guests and any form of media that has questions regarding the decision.
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