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Jun 11, 2011
Ok so basically. My tl and etls have not so much told me I can get trained anywhere. But in my review it said to open up to being trained in other work centers (im salesfloor).
I put in to be instocks once and pretty much had the job, but changed my mind because I was affraid Id get bored. which I could kick myself for now.

I'm kind of getting sick of salesfloor nigt shifts (zone almost whole shift). And was wondering if there are any good dayside jobs to watch for? besides backroom because I have a fear of heights.

I'm not really sure what all there is besides flow, presentation, signing, instocks, pricing, and salesfloor. any others?
Showing a global initiative is a great way to jump-start your relationships with your leaders. What workcenters interest you? Pick up a few cashier shifts now and then. Ask to be trained in Food Ave, a very dynamic and busy workcenter. Flow, presentation, signing are all 4am jobs (unless you unload overnight). It's pretty much impossible to only work dayside salesfloor shifts.
Ask to be cross train in several areas like price accuracy, doing the ad prep or setup, hardlines, brand tm & other areas. Don't limit yourself to dayside, if you want more hours.
It is suggested to be "I can do it" person. Etl's will call you first.
It could lead to a tl job down the road.
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Ck with your gstl & ask to learn gs for starters. Master it. Then ask to learn food ave/sbx with gstl's ok, etc. That is a way to get notice by tl's & etl's.
If you don't mind getting up bright and early on Sunday morning most stores are always looking for people who want to do adset.
Scanning in and putting up all those damned little signs by 8 isn't tons of fun but if you do it well it's guaranteed hours every week.
Honestly, get trained in the front end. Who cares if it sucks? Get basic training in the areas, always be the first to respond, do the job well and bam you'll start getting trained in better more fun areas. Guest experience is the basis of every work center. If you can show that you know policy and how things flow together, you'll at least get more hours on dayside because you'll make the TL's job easier. It's always more fun to have a team member on who can answer a guest question and do it confidently enough that a team lead doesn't need to be called for every little problem. It allows us to get our work done and you to enjoy working during the day & being more versatile
For me, I closed almost all my shifts when I began as a Softlines TM. Then I was noticed for how well I performed, and started getting some dayside shifts in I receive the majority of my hours dayside, which is hard to do because most TMs at Target can't get those shifts as Target prefers people to close to brand up the store after it gets shopped during the day. Keep working hard, cross train at the front lanes, hardlines, etc, and you'll find more hours dayside, which I prefer over closing personally.
Yeah, I started doing just closing shifts, and after getting noticed for good performance, I started getting a ton of dayside hours :)
What's a good work center that is at the same paygrade as TPS? I want to do something different but I don't wanna lose any pay/hours.... :/
umm no. front end sucks

Yeh, but that's where many of the hrs are at my store. Instead of giving regular cashiers enough hrs, tho, they'll fill in with SFTMs looking to keep their hrs up. If nothing else, it's a harsh refresher when a code one hits & they don't get off after it's over. They're there for the DAY.
Front end ain't for the frail-hearted.
After being hired as just a Backroom TM, I've since cross-trained in Backroom Day, Instocks, Presentation, Cashier, Sales Floor. I pretty much trained in SF and Cashier so that I can pick up those shifts if I don't have enough hours (as they are ALWAYS up on the swap board!) Once Christmas time rolls around, I switched from early AM backroom to the backroom day shift, as more TMs are needed to accomodate the larger CAF pulls during the season. Every week I got my 5 8-hour shifts/week, plus OT.

As for right now, training in Instocks has helped me greatly, as I now get 1-2 IS shifts a week, along with my normal Backroom hours, and the occasional BR Day shift.

I love working in's more 'doing' and MUCH less 'guest service'!
What's a good work center that is at the same paygrade as TPS? I want to do something different but I don't wanna lose any pay/hours.... :/

Are you at a Super T? Deli TM's are PG 9. If not I believe Signing and MMB TMs are still at PG9. Pharmacy Tech is PG13 as are most TL positions.

There are few PG7 positions, which would cost you $.50, such as Starbucks TM, Flow TM, Backroom TM, Planogram TM, GSA, and merchandise brand TMs.
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