Your Target Work Experience

How many hours do you normally make a week? Is it night or day hours?
I left that hell hole after 27 years in 2021. You can get anywhere from 4 to 30 hours a week. I was kind of grandfathered to day hours because of my years, and that I had been a tl and etl in my past. But that doesn’t really happen anymore.
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Obviously I don't think Target is terrible or I wouldn't be with Target nor will I be I'm the role I'm in.

This is what I'll say about Target. Districts matter, leadership matters, and store culture matters most. If your district is big on desired hours like mine you can expect to be within 20% of what you desire. Cross training opens many doors. How the leadership in the store leads can make your experience great, okay, or terrible. Additionally, the culture matters. If your store culture is that of working together and recognizing people you'll feel good.

I'll say that I have went from team member, team leader, ETL, to SD without sacrificing who I am. I been given the opportunity time over time to effect people's lives in a positive way and that's the reason why I'm still with Target. I get a lot out of helping others better themselves and seeing them grow with Target or outside it.


Your experience will be dictated by how your district operates, the culture of your store, and how the leaders lead there. Everyone's experience is different. I also feel like in many ways you can write your own journey with Target but again different based on location.
Hey everyone I need some help!! I applied to Target and I should be having my orientation next Friday from today! I have a dilemma that I am stuck in thought and need all the help I can get. My current job was very shocked and sad hearing that I put my notice in. I was pulled aside with them and talked to and told that they would do anything if it would persuade me to stay there. There are just a few things that are making me lean more towards going to Target than staying there.

Just a few things are:
More flexible hours
Variety of work areas

I would love if everyone could just help me out and give me all the information you can about working at Target whether you currently work there or worked there in the past. I want to hear all the good and bad!! I also am supposed to be in fulfillment so I would love to hear about that! And GM!

Better off quitting ASAP. Not worth working for a cult company and a company who hates their employees.

- hours are dogshit, your availability can be 90 hours a week and you’ll be lucky to get ~20
- your leaders are extremely likely to be snotty, insufferable 20-somethings who were filtered for during the promotion process to be unthinking, unquestioning, inflexible turbo-shills for BryBry Cornell and his goons
- all Target stores are broiling hot hellholes because the AC is never running even in stores located in the southernmost latitudes, every bit as stuffy and sweltering as a restaurant kitchen
- $40 an hour’s worth of expectations for $15 an hour, when $15 is the new $7.25
- too much goddamn bloody RED assaulting your eyeballs, an unrelenting monochromatic crimson nightmare reminiscent of the sickly dull yellow of the Backrooms but somehow even more unsettling

fools sometimes ask me about TGT when they find out I used to work there, while the fact that I don’t work there any longer seems to be lost on them and I compiled this helpful list to help them find it 💯
If you can loaf under the radar you're good to go as an untouchable tm. If you're work effort won't allow you to loaf, say, by choosing to read a magazine at CL while waiting for guests instead of backing up the Service Desk on a ll be pegged as a scapegoat for all mistakes since you actually TRY to be a team player and help.out. Keep your head down, dont offer to help out, ever, anyone, don't agree to help anyone ever, claim you re not trained. take your breaks, clock in and out precisely on ll end up TM of the month without lifting a finger.