Goodbye, and Good Riddance, Spot!

Welcome to my enormous rant about my store.

I've worked at the terrible hell that is Target for over a year and two months as an Inbound team member at an understaffed store - and got a 5 cent raise come review time.

When I began my job, I applied for one Target but another store's HR asked if I would be interested in working at theirs. I was desperate for a job and took it. Since then, I have worked morning shift. We had an ETL hired in who really screwed up our inbound line custom blocks (and they're still ruined). That ETL quit, and they soon recruited a TM to train to be TL, who turned out to be a stone-faced liar and was drunk on the job quite often.

I have dealt with inconsiderate management standing behind my U-boats and having conversations while I'm unloading trucks, preventing me from pushing them around when I'm carrying 20 pound boxes of detergent. People will just walk under the power equipment while I'm using it! They will also just leave damaged stuff on the recieving desk the entire weekend so the poor sweet gal in shipping has to do it all when she comes back in - on top of the sweeps.

There was a potato that fell off the FDC truck, and fell into the metal power equipment guards on the floor. It stayed there so long, that when we finally moved it, it crumbled into a black powder almost.

The store director has no idea how anything in the back room operates and will go around with TLs setting unrealistic goal times for an understaffed team.

I constantly get dust and other particles in my eyes, more than anywhere I've ever worked due to constant spills and breaks on the line from TLs pushing boxes down when it's obviously full, causing them to shatter everywhere.

TLs obviously must get a free pass to not work at my store - since I just see them walking around and talking together instead of doing the pallets upon pallets of repacks and freight in the back room.

I really do appreciate my team - they are a good group of folks but the management at my store is so unbearable that it's soured me from wanting to work for Target ever again.

The final straw the other day, was when I was about to head up to the front to clock out - within the 5 minute grace period - and I was stopped by a TL who seemed to think that he could talk to me as if I was a 5 year old child, telling me about all the overtime that he pulls on the daily and that I should think about my coworkers when I leave work.
I hope he enjoys the call that I made to HR about his conversation with me.

I have an interview tomorrow after work - so hopefully it will be the last day that I ever have to break my back for the terrible company that is Target. I will not be looking back as I go on to work in a union who will actually appreciate the work that I do. Take this job and shove it!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk!
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I can understand you feeling the way that you do.

From what I experienced, management made all the difference in the world.

When we had poor managers everyone was miserable and couldn't wait to clock out. When managers actually made everything a team effort and a fun place to be I never wanted to clock out and would stay way past my shift to help with anything I could.

The very last shift that I worked was under a TL from hell. I would go into detail but going in detail would give away who I actually am and I really don't want to do that. I could never wait for the end of my shift and find myself constantly looking at the clock every time that she was on duty. Working under anybody else I'd be 15 minutes past my shift in being told, "you're over you're over" and I still felt refreshed and could have taken on a couple more hours.

It's all in who the manager is.