Archived harassment at the work job.

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Sep 27, 2011
i was harass by team member two weeks ago. i call hotline and then i told my hr. she said she couldn't do anything till the store manager came back. so she say it will take a week. she had me write a statement. basically the person rob the electronic key on his crouch and handed the key. i have a witness that saw it. i went on vacation for a week. i came back monday and haven't heard anything about my situation. what should be my next step?
Did the STL come back yet? Have you had a follow up with HR over this? If this is true, it's definitely cause for concern if someone is so blatantly offended fellow TMs.
id you tell your hr first or call the hotline first? I dont understand why your hr said that there isn't anything she can do, when her job is to investigate. I dont understand why it matters that your stl is out of the building. Give it a couple of days, just because they dont tell you they are doing something doesn't mean they arent investigating.
yeah she back and i haven't follow up with her about it.
Follow up and keep written records of everything.
The only way you can get results is make sure they can't sweep this under the carpet and make sure you keep careful track of how everything is handled.
Like above posters said, keep on top of whats going on... If your STL is back, go talk to them directly.
The hotline will contact the store for details. Hopefully the op has document the events. It is highly suggested to contact your hr first, before the hotline.
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