Archived Has anyone ever had a guest start affecting their personal life?

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Mr Quickart

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Jun 15, 2011
A quick back story:

A few days ago our AP caught a shoplifter. Seeing as I was watching the lanes that day I was asked to help process everything (ringing the merchandise and making copies as applicable). For some reason I could not figure out why she looked so familiar but I continued helping. I caught a glimpse of her address and quickly realized she lives across the alley from me. In the alley there are a few parking spots where I normally park my car to avoid dealing with the weekly street cleaning. Every day I would walk out to my car in my red and khaki and would see them sitting out on their porch. Today I went out to my car and found a note on it that essentially said "please park somewhere else."

When I went into work I showed this to AP. What follows next shows why I love working here. They said they could get her for harrasment now too. Later on in the work day our AP told me that he was reviewing the cameras and saw that she went into a neighboring store and dropped stuff off at her car before she came to Target. That other store is now looking into it to see if she stole from them. This just confirms my motto that if you push Target we will push back, and hard.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? How did you deal with it?
What a douche! You might have a target on your back because you work for SPOT, but she might find herself with a laser spot followed by some Taser probes and juice.
Similar situation here! Had someone get caught who lived in the same town as me, somehow he found out who I was and started harassing me, as well. I went to my AP they called the State police and now I have a restraining order order for harassment against him. Plus the judge made him pay a fine for harassment... Needless to say he hasn't bother me in 5 years! Although I see him all the time...... hahaha
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