Has anyone temporarily traveled to support another DC for a week or more?

Jan 11, 2023
2 years ago Target had a program I believe was called “SWAT” can’t actually find any info online about it. My Target paid for the flight, hotel and gave a daily allowance for food to provide support for a list of DC’s that needed the extra help. I ended up deciding on New York (579). iirc there were about 5 dc’s to choose from. I just wondered if anyone here has done the same and how the experience was?
I did swat a LONG time ago.
It’s not really a program in the sense that it should never be necessary, it’s just something they throw together when a DC is fucked.
I just got a rental car since the other DC was only a 4 hour drive or so, the drive was paid and we took our time getting there. The host DC kept all of the swat TMs separated from their TMs so they wouldn’t pick up any of our “bad habits”. Made it pretty hard to meet anyone from that DC, so it was just swat TMs from different DCs hanging out after work and days off. The management basically pretended we didn’t exist. Ended up getting sent home a few days early because our “bad habits” got them caught back up faster than they anticipated. Overall, it was fine, but could’ve been better.
I also volunteered to help at a local store at one point, that was cool. Haven’t heard of them allowing that in decades though.