Hello? lol

Dec 8, 2011
Hey there everyone... names Eternal (since i read we arent supposed to say our names). Im new to this site but not new to target or forums. Guess I'll start by saying in the Cart attendant at a busy store in CA annnnnddddd i hate my job -.- lol well i dont really like any of the postions at target but i find pulling carts is the one that least deals with guests so thus the reason for me being a cart attendant... i started of as a cashier last november but jumped at the opportunity to do carts when one of the cart attendants left the store this january. hmmmm i think that about covers it... ohhh and i hate my underpaid job =D
Jun 17, 2011
Welcome,too many people hate their jobs,I hope you have some positives such as working with some great people,inspite of being underpaid at least its a check,despite the decisions and illusions coming from above Target is still a great company to work for in a lot of ways.I know they are working on that too,but look around you might be surprised.