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Jun 9, 2011
Hi all! My name says what I do :p I am in a AAA SuperTarget with an overnight replenishment process. Found this forum through another team member who hinted at it and left me curious.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!
Welcome to our forum. Have you been with Target long? Tornado alley, huh? I've been through some of those. Years ago I was at work when one came through our town. My son was in middle school at the time and the news said the tornado took the roof off the school. Phone lines were flooded and I couldn't get through to anyone. I was terrified. He was on the bus at the time. My sister was at home waiting on him. So I was concerned about her as well. Everything was fine in the end. But I've never been so scared in my life. :(

Anyway, make yourself at home and start sharing some of your thoughts and insights with us. :)
I've been with Target 5 years. I spent some time dayside, but was lured back to the darkside. They promised me cake..

We've had a few close calls with the tornados, especially this year! Close enough to get insured, lol. It is scary, especially when one of your kids is in the danger zone.
Sorry .. can't resist but

The cake is a lie!

But we do have some very nice blueberry muffins and iced tea in the fridge. :}
Cake or DEATH?!
(let's see how many Izzard fans are out there)
"We're out of cake."
"Could I get the vegetarian plate, then?"
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