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Jun 7, 2011
Guess I'm second on here eh?

Well my name is Evan and I'm a TPS in California!

Idk what else to say lol.:cool:
Welcome, Evan! Thanks for joining. We are hoping to regain many of the members who were suddenly lost when the old website went down without explanation. Give it some time :D
Haha will do! I registered on the original site about a week or so before it went down lol.
Welcome to our new forum, Evan. I wasn't a member of the other forum long either before it went down. I think I only had 23 posts. Maybe a couple weeks or so.
I see this website started in June 2011, do you know when the previous website started? I was just curious how long I have been missing out on this GREAT site! Thanks! =)
This site has been operational with a few hiccups for a few years, as for the sites history we go back to the days on another retail website that we migrated away from.. So, in reality it goes back a long while :)
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