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Apr 29, 2012
Hey guys! Im trying to set up direct deposit. I want the majority of my money go into my checking account, and a little goes into my savings. I guess 80% checking/ 20% savings. How would I go about setting it up?

For "Deposit Type", it gives you the options of either "Amount" "Balance", or "Percent"...

However, it says "You must select 'Balance' as one of your direct deposit setup options in the Deposit Type field. "

ugh so confusing lol
Actually, you may be better served by going through your bank and setting it up to auto transfer balances on a pay day to your savings from your checking. This way, you have more immediate access to change things as needed as doing it through Target's eHR web portal can take time to happen. I do it this way and it allows me to not be charged for my savings account, and direct deposit allows me to not be charged for my checking account. YAY! Free banking!... as long as you can see how to avoid their fees, lol.
I would go through your bank as well. If you do want to go through direct deposit you would say 80% for your checking account and then select balance for your savings account. What it does is find what 80% is and deposits that to your checking and then it figures out how much of your check is left and puts the "balance" in your savings.
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