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Instocks Slave
Jun 8, 2011
Hey everyone! Thank god for the topix site and Im so excited that we have members that can back this up in our time of need.. I had to change my username since that topix site showed my location... :mad:

Cant wait to start having fun in here..:D
Welcome back and have fun!

Showed your location eh? Thats odd... (wonders what on earth topix is.... GOOGLE TIME!!!!)
Ha yeah, got put off since the guy hasnt moved yet.. I have til the end of the month :(
Welcome back, carnage, & good luck with your tl interview. I never registered on topix so I didn't run into that problem.
Yeah that really caught me off guard.. and I didnt want to take any risk using the same name here cause im sure spot is watching
I wasn't on Topix but changed on GP's. Spot does seem to be keeping a pretty close eye on things.
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