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Sep 13, 2011
Hey all I use to be mrd362 at the old forum. I am so sad that you got to re do this website. It beens months since I came to this board. whats new with me? well i got fired from target, and now i work at walmart across the street.
Welcome back, long story about this place.. there's a thread about it somewhere ;)
Welcome back, Mike. We've had TMs leave Target to join the blue team as well as vice versa. Hope life is treating you well in your post Target life.
Well i lost electronics keys, and that didn't go over to well. I am at walmart and its going great.
Well i lost electronics keys, and that didn't go over to well. I am at walmart and its going great.
Glad it is going well for you, Mike. Would you believe we had an ETL several years ago lost HIS keys? Many of us were glad to see him go. We also had an electronics TM left their keys attached to their locker key. (Yeah, we still have the old lockers.) They used the cameras to find out who used the locker next & had her return them. She had already left for the day, too. I'm sure she meant to return them but forgot.
Yea, the day before a store in our district Electronic TM lost the keys and a thief stole 5 iPads...
We hand our keys around all morning long...from me in flow to BR to Plano to Price change to the Electronics TM for the morning. I always get nervous when I hear you guys talking about this but its just how its done at our store. And the 2 times I misplaced the key in the past 3 years( once it got stuck on the line during unload and the other I left in the stockroom door!) I told my ETL and he was so nonchalant about it! I found it both times but I was freaking out! In fact they leave the keys out by the box for the flow and BR in the morning and we sign them out. I think I am just gonna make a policy of telling my TL or ETL on walkie when I hand over the keys.
it sounds like that have a good trust there. It seems that at our store, but I dropped them during on the floor, so a customer can take them. Plus it was my third time within a month
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