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Aug 27, 2013
Hello my fellow friends. I recently started out working at Starbucks at my store. I have been cashiering already for a few months.

I went through my first training today, and I go back tomorrow. My trainer was nice, however we were very busy so I mostly just shadowed her instead of making drinks and what not. Can someone help walk me through the basic drinks, and other common stuff? That would be really awesome.

I also have some more Target related questions too...

For one, what is the deal with tips? I forgot to ask my trainer, and she didn't get any tips while I was there. I heard we can't accept them at Target, is that true?

My trainer also told me I can't sample drinks at Target, it's only something they do at stand-alone stores. However, she made me a few drinks and told me it was fine as long as the manager (this older women who I guess is strict) wasn't in the store at the time. Is this like a grey line area, or should I really avoid it? At stand-alone Starbucks, I know they get 'partner drinks' for free. Do team members get that type of thing?

Also, any online sites for new Starbucks employees out there? Wasn't much that google could find =(

Thanks a ton to anyone that replies. =)


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Jun 9, 2011
Because you're in a Target-owned franchise, many of the stand-alone perks don't apply like tips & free drinks.
You DO get your TM discount on any purchases at a Target SB, tho & using your redcard takes off an additional 5%.
Basic drinks are lattes, frappacinos, teas, smoothies (aka vivanos) & coffee. Each has countless variants.
Ex: basic latte is steamed milk with espresso shots. Add vanilla syrup & you have a vanilla latte. Add cinnamon with whip & you have a Cinnamon Dolce, etc. Look at the side of the cup for all the variations & learn the appropriate codes for them - Decaf or half-caf; # of shots or add-shots; syrups (Mocha, White Mocha, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinn Dolce, Caramel, Peppermint, Toffee Nut, Raspberry, sugar-free, Peach); milk (2%, Non-fat, Soy, Breve, Whole, Heavy Cream); custom options (X for extra, / for non-, foam, whipped cream, H2O); drink name.
Frappacinos are coffee- or cream-based with base syrup (emulsifier for thickening), ice, optional flavor syrups/chips/whip/drizzle/sprinkles. Blue pitcher is for soy-based frapps.
Tea/tea lemonades are tea, water or lemonade & ice, sweetener optional.
Refreshers are made like teas with dried fruit additions.
Sodas are done like teas & carbonated before pouring over ice.
Coffee is poured to within a half-inch of the top or allow room for adding cream. A misto (aka café a lait) is half coffee & half steamed milk.
While training, we were allowed to sample drinks made by trainees but poured into sampler-sized cups. Then ensured that the drink was made properly. We also learned what a stale espresso shot tasted like (burnt - blech!).
You also need to learn where everything is on the register. Remember to write the order on the cup so you'll know what to ring up. The register won't have the order details so write the cup first!
Good luck.
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Aug 27, 2013
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Thanks, red, I appreciate the quick reply! Tons of drinks to take in, it's crazy.

Something I have noticed is how fast the customers blurt out their order... Like, sorry, but I don't know what a "frappe latte upside-down mocha creme two-shot with no creme" is by heart just yet. When I am new should I write the order down on a pad, or just try and learn the cup abbreviations right away?

Also, any idea what's up with the Target policy on tips? Do we say no, we can't accept them? I heard from someone that we have to take them and at the end of the day, they go in the register and to target. Is that true?


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Jun 9, 2011
From what I was told, we're not allowed to accept tips because we 'enjoy' the benefits of our corporate franchise ownership - meaning we are Target employees first & must follow Target's policies.
If a guest insists on leaving a tip, it goes into the register. A barista at the Target store I shop at most tells guests to show their appreciation on the survey instead (probably why their store is green in surveys).
Re: order-taking - you'll want to study up on the drink codes & learn to read them as you make them. Then you can learn to take the order. Before the guest gets too far in their drek, I ask them size first & whether the drink is hot or cold so you know which cup to start writing on.
May 29, 2012
Drink Codes, here we go.

Decaf box
X = Decaf
1/2 = Half Decaf

Shots box
R = Ristretto
1 = Single
2 = Double
3 = Triple
4 = Quad
FR = Frappuccino Roast

Syrup/Sauce box
C = Caramel Syrup
CH = Chai Concentrate
CD = Cinnamon Dolce
CL = Classic
CR = Caramel Sauce
H = Hazelnut Syrup
HZ = Hazelnut Sauce
M = Mocha Sauce
P = Peppermint
R = Raspberry
SFC = Sugar-Free Caramel
SFCD = Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce
SFH = Sugar-Free Hazelnut
SFM = Sugar-Free Mocha
SFV = Sugar-Free Vanilla
TN = Toffee Nut
V = Vanilla
WM = White Chocolate Mocha Sauce

Milk box
B = Breve (half-and-half)
HC = Heavy Cream
N = Nonfat/Skim Milk
S = Soy Milk
WH = Whole Milk

Custom box
AJ = Apple Juice
ASK = Ask Me
BT = Black Tea
CHIP = Frappuccino Chips
CHP = Chocolate Powder
CNP = Cinnamon Powder
CR = Caramel Sauce (topping)
CRM = Cream
BLx2 = Double blended
D = Dry
XT = Extra Tea
F = Foamy
GT = Green Tea
HANDOFF = Alternate handoff
HN = Honey
ICE - Ice
K = Kid's beverage
Lt = Light (in front of other code)
LM = Lemonade
M = Mocha Sauce (as topping)
MT = Matcha Green Tea Powder
TOP = No topping
PT = Passion Tea
ROOM = Room
SL = Sweet'n Low
SP = Splenda
SR = Sugar in the Raw
STIR = Stirred
ST = Strawberry Juice
SUG = Sugar
U = Upside down
VP = Vanilla Powder
VB = Vanilla Bean Powder
H20 = Water
W = Wet
WC = Whipped Cream
X = Extra (in front of other code)
XH = Extra Hot
= = Equal
/ = No (placed over other code)

Drink box - Blended and Shaken Beverages
Frappuccino Blended Coffee
CF = Coffee
CRF = Caramel
CVF = Caffe Vanilla
EF = Espresso
JCF = Java Chip
MF = Mocha
WMF = White Chocolate Mocha

Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee
CFL = Coffee Light
CRFL = Caramel Light
CVFL = Caffe Vanilla Light
EFL = Espresso Light
JCFL = Java Chip Light
MFL = Mocha Light
WMFL = White Chocolate Mocha Light

Frappuccino Blended Creme
CHCF = Tazo Chai Creme
DCCF = Double Chocolatey Chip
GTF = Green Tea
SF = Syrup Creme
STCF = Strawberries & Creme
VBF = Vanilla Bean

Other Blended Beverages
BSL = Blended Strawberry Lemonade
CS = Chocolate Smoothie
SS = Strawberry Smoothie
OMS = Orange Mango Smoothie

Tazo Shaken Ice Teas
PT = Shaken Passion Iced Tea
PTL = Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade
PGTL = Shaken Peach Green Tea Lemonade
GTL = Shaken Green Tea Lemonade
GT = Shaken Green Iced Tea
BT = Shaken Black Iced Tea
BTL = Shaken Black Tea Lemonade

Drink box - Starbucks Refreshers beverages
BHR = Verry Berry Hibiscus
CLR = Cool Lime
VOR = Valencia Orange

Drink box - Hot and Cold Beverages
A = Cafe Americano
BC = Brewed Coffee
C = Cappuccino
CAS = Caramel Apple Spice
CDL = Cinnamon Dolce Latte
CH = Tazo Chai Tea Latte
CIT = Tazo Custom Iced Tea
CM = Caramel Macchiato
E = Espresso
ECP = Espresso con Panna
EM = Espresso Macchiato
GRTL = Green Tea Latte
HC = Hot Chocolate
HM = Hazelnut Macchiato
IC = Iced Coffee
L = Caffe Latte
M = Caffe Mocha
MILK = Cold Milk
MIS = Caffe Misto
SCR = Syrup Creme
SKCDL = Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte
SKHM = Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato
SKSL = Skinny Syrup Latte
SM = Steamed Milk
T = Tazo Tea
BLTL = Tazo Black Tea Latte
EGTL = Tazo Earl Grey Tea Latte
VRTL = Tazo Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte
TMIS = Tea Misto
VCR = Vanilla Creme
WHC = White Hot Chocolate
WM = White Chocolate Mocha

Holiday/Seasonal Drinks
CBL = Caramel Brulee Late
CRCF = Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino
ENL = Eggnog Latte
GBL = Gingerbread Latte
MCCF = Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino
CCCF = Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino
PM = Peppermint Mocha
PSL = Pumpkin Spice Latte
SCM = Salted Caramel Mocha
SCHC = Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I know I'm missing some..just can't remember any more!
May 29, 2012
First off, did you receive a Barista Basics Learning Journal? If not, you should ask for it, it's very helpful.

Also, as unrealistic for Target as it is. You should be learning the following things in this order:
First Impressions & Customer Service, Starbucks Experience, Coffee: Brewing & Tasting, Espresso Bar Basics, Food & Warming, Beverage Essentials, Cold Beverages, Coffee: Growing & Processing, Point of Sale, Beverage Preparation, Customer Service Essentials, Coffee: Roasting & Packaging.

Doing so really helps with correct training and ensures you're not overwhelmed with things to try to remember.

Another thing: there are NO dumb questions! Don't ever feel bad about asking questions. The simplest question may have a complicated and detailed answer!

And yes, as the others have said, Target employees cannot accept tips.

Sampling drinks, as in you trying them? We're supposed to when you're being trained, so you know how the drink should taste!
As for samples for guests, we're supposed to be active sampling throughout the day. We even have a sampling calendar and # of samples we're supposed to do a day.

I just finished my AST (Advanced Store Training), so feel free to throw questions at me and everyone here!


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Jun 10, 2011
GTC for alloverthefloor.
You are awesome.
Have you ever thought of going to work for a real SB?
You get to keep your tips, better health insurance and you wear what you want.
If it wasn't so far away I'd have tried one myself.
May 29, 2012
GTC for alloverthefloor.
You are awesome.
Have you ever thought of going to work for a real SB?
You get to keep your tips, better health insurance and you wear what you want.
If it wasn't so far away I'd have tried one myself.

Thank you! I actually needed that :p Too much stuff crammed in my head!

I was just made SBTL, so I'll get settled into this job, and maybe something will happen after my 18 months!

Distance is an issue for me as well. My store is the only Starbucks in a 90-mile radius :(

Talking about my new training, I never realized all the little things our store does differently, and not always to standard! Lots of little things, but still odd.


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Jun 10, 2011
My mouth can't form these words. Is it French, or is it Italian? Perhaps Fritalian?

Oh, and by the way, welcome to The Break Room!
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