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Hey y'all!


Former Super x-trained TM
Jun 20, 2011
Heyy! Been a while! I've missed it! Same screen name on the old forum. Basically i am an Starbucks trainer, and a Licensed pharmacy technician (currently backup at my store) also trained on front end, sales floor, softlines, operator, electronics (I'm the resident Apple genius), basically everything except early morning stuff! haha.

I work in a super, and while my store has a lot of "favoritism" among leadership, i do enjoy working for Target for the most part. I have aspirations to be a TL, while i finish school to go into my dream career as a Physician Assistant.

Hi everyone! ^_^
Jun 8, 2011
Apple genius, huh? Is that similar to the genius bar at an Apple store? Had to take my Macbook in for repairs recently. :(

Welcome to our forums & good luck in your medical aspirations.