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Jun 17, 2011
Posted a few times on the other site a while back. Figured I would make a new persona since I mistakenly used a name that could have been linked to me on the other site. Oops.

Anyway - Tomorrow is my 9 year anniversary with the Bullseye. Used to be O/N flow till they changed our shift a while back. And yes, I do miss the store being empty all the time :)
Greeting and salutations. Congrats on 9 years.
Another O/Ner! (or former anyway.)We'll be going back to O/N on July 10. That's the shift I prefer. No guests, no ETLs, (Besides LOG) less traffic to & from work, no rush to clear the store before 8am. Need I say more? ;)

Congrat's on your anniversary. I'll soon be with the company 12 years, my how time flies. Welcome to our new home.
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