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Going with the Flow

Queen of the dungeon
Jun 8, 2011
Its me Going With The Flow ; ) good to be here with you all! I work at a west coast Super T. for anyone who may not know and I am trained in Flow, Back Room, Receiving and Cashier and I plan to learn Instocks really soon.
Anyone who can master spiderwrap is aces in my book.
From our names it's difficult to determine everyones gender for the most part. Good to see another lady present. I'm sure there are others but none that I can say for sure without checking profiles. I've been shown how to spiderwrap a couple of times. But when I have something else that needs it I give it to someone that knows how.
At my store, we've had a lot of new cashiers hired, so I've had to show them all (and sales floor TMs who back up who've been there longer than me) how to unlock the spider wrap. You should come to my store and do a demonstration during the huddles.
I had to show our etl-hr (who has been with Tgt for 20 years) how to open those magnetic cases one day. She backs up on the registers all the time but had never had to open one before.
Aww thanks! Ya I have been stocking electronics for a couple of years, I have gotten pretty good at it, if I do say so myself!
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