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May 5, 2012
I'm new here, but I've been with Target for nearly 10 years now. I love my job, it has good days, bad days, great days and days I wish I would've stayed home in bed. I've worked pretty much everywhere in the store except photo and back room. Recently I went from working food ave to working the front lanes. We just had a major renovation and food ave was replaced with Starbucks. I knew it was coming and at first I thought I would apply to work at Starbucks, but as food ave closed and I was put either cashiering, service desk, or fitting room, I realized I enjoyed not doing food service anymore. I had been at food ave for more than 4 years and I think I was tired of it. I'm very happy with my choice, I have more contact with guests, which is why I choose retail. Anyway I will celebrate my 10th in September and I am looking forward to another 10. That's my career at Target in a nutshell. I look forward to getting to know people here.


Welcome! No fa, wow! Do you have a pfresh? Also, it is suggested to remove your name/location. Spot is watches us alot.
Thanks for the welcome. I know that Spot watches and I'm not worried, I don't post things I wouldn't want my bosses to see. I did think about cross training in Starbucks, but after 4 years of FA I was done with food service. Plus Starbucks rules are WAY stricter than Target. In the last few months I've been able to wear the fake nails I love and jewelry too. Plus there are so many other areas of the store that I have been cross trained for I don't think I'll miss not working Starbucks.
When I applied at Target in'02 I wasn't sure I'd get the job. I'd been in the same industry for 23 years so my resume was pathetically short. But the HR at the time said that was good because it showed I'm not a job jumper. Compared to what I was doing working for Target is like heaven. It's not perfect, no job is, (except maybe video game tester lol) but it's very good.
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