Jan 22, 2020
Is it true you can't work overtime on a week with a holiday if your store is not honoring overtime? That the holiday counts towards the 40 hours as well? I'm having to cut my hours to make sure I don't go over 40..first time in years I was told that on a week I worked a holiday 🤷‍♀️before I was told the holiday hours were separated from the regular hours but now I'm being told different.
The way I always understood it was you could work 40 hours in addition to the holiday hours you worked. You would not get any overtime because the holiday does not put you over 40. You would get time and a half for the holiday. Hours are being cut right now so that may be why your being asked to cut hours. Lastly the holiday policy possibly could of changed so, I would ask an HR Lead or ETL.
Holiday hours are just overtime hours that are approved by default, even if you're under 40 for the week.

If you work 8 hours on a qualifying holiday and 32 hours the rest of the week, that's 32 hours of normal pay and 8 hours of overtime pay.
If you work 8 hours on a qualifying holiday and 40 hours the rest of the week, that's 40 hours of normal pay and 8 hours of overtime pay.

Anyone in leadership that doesn't understand this shouldn't be in leadership, especially if they're HR. That said, it all still falls into the same bucket of payroll. You could work 24 hours on a holiday and 40 hours the rest of the week and be just fine because you're not getting unapproved overtime, but you're still working 64 hours that the store might not have allocated for you. That's the only reason why leadership may not want you to work over 40 (and maybe some labor laws depending on where you live).
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That used to be correct but they aren’t allowing it so far this year. It was a no for Memorial Day and probably will be the same for the 4th.
Our store is reducing hours if there is a holiday in a particular week . So if a person usually gets 40hrs , they are given only 35hrs for that week. It’s been happening for more than a year at our store .
So, if you work the holiday, your other hours that week won't count towards overtime until that bucket goes over 40. However, you're still using up extra payroll, which they may or may not have available to spend on you. With the way hours are at most stores, it's not the overtime that's the issue in this case, just the total payroll hours.