Hours not as promised

Nov 12, 2023
so I recently started working last month as a first job as soon as I turned 16. I was placed in fulfillment. During my interviews I discussed my availability which was open, but that school was my priority and that I was looking for maybe 2-3 shifts and 15 hours weekly. I was told this was no problem and to set my hours at 15 and I would probably wouldn’t even be scheduled that most weeks as a 16 year old student. Fast forward 3 weeks and I am being scheduled 25 hours a week on 5 shifts consistently. i have worked 4 days in a row including back to back 9 hour shifts. I talked to my ETL today who is the person who told me the hours I wanted were no problem. Today she said work is my priority now and my hours aren’t going to change from 22-25. I’m pretty upset about this as it is not what was promised. I don’t know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
And if HR doesn't move on it. Call in on the shifts that don't work for you. If they need you that bad, they probably aren't going to fire you. If they coach you about it, point to a screenshot of your desired hours and reference what you said in your interview.

Respect is a two way street. If they don't respect you, they don't deserve yours.
Today she said work is my priority now and my hours aren’t going to change from 22-25.
Uh, no. Depending on what state you're in and because you're a minor, it might not even be legal to schedule you so many hours unless your school isn't in session. No matter what state you live in or how old you are, your ETL shouldn't be telling you to prioritize work over school.
Learning experience, you are young and articulate. . Corps will knee jerk react to fit THEIR agenda, not yours. Historic, nothing new and will never change. Do your best, keep the mouth shut, ask the right questions and just ride the waves and get some experience and money.