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Jun 8, 2011
I'm starting next week tues-friday 4-2AM. Does this mean I'll be off at 2 each day or could it be possible I'd have to do overtime ever? If so like an hour or two over. Reason I'm asking is because I have to take a cab to work (no drivers license) and want to be able to set up a time in advance for pick up.
Don't plan on overtime or don't plan on being right off at 2? If the latter how late should I anticipate having to stay over. Like an hour over? Two hours?

Don't plan on over 39.5 hours per pay period. You may be asked to stay over here and there, but do not plan on over 39 or 40 hours per pay period.
You'll most likely get out at 2, but don't plan on getting overtime everyday. I've only hit overtime once in my 9 months at Target.
Okay, just one last question. What is the rule on facial hair? Can a person have a beard or not?
haaa, i haven't seen ot since 2005. The only ones that get "OT" are the brown nosers ... for a while, until its caught, and then they just lay low for a while until it's forgotten about and then their TL lets them rack up the hours again.
I've had at least 5 hours of OT every week for the past 2 months...our STL is OK with SrTL's working OT as long as its not more than 5/wk
As far as overtime goes, you can ignore the responses from the store people. DCs have production plans that must be met. If the plan requires OT then OT will be approved, either voluntary, mandatory, or both. Regarding your question about staying late, yes that happens from time to time. It's called OST and your GLs will ask for volunteers, usually around the middle of shift.

If you haven't been told yet, expect mandatory OT during fall season. Since you're on the B2 key, you would have to work either a full or half shift on the A2 key (6 or 12 hours). My building allows TMs to choose the day they want to work "scheduled" OT. We choose in order by seniority with the guys on the bottom of the list getting stuck with Sundays. You can swap scheduled OT days with another TM on your key if necessary. It's a rare occurrence, but two days of scheduled OT in one week have been needed in the past.

There should be opportunities for plenty of voluntary OT come fall season. A B2 TM in my DC could work up to 70 hours in a week if he/she desired. 6 hours OST + 24 hours on A2 + regular 40. A topped out warehouse worker in my building could make close to $60k if he worked every minute of OT available during the year. We actually have several people who do that.
OT on the distribution level is VERY different at a DC and really depends on the DC you are at. In the past weeks, we have still had voluntary OT being approved on a regular basis. In past years it hasn't always been like this so it really just depends.
IHateMyJob nailed it and come fall season in a DC... If you want OT... it will be there for you, and if you don't want OT.. you may end up getting scheduled up anyway to fill the needs of the DC.
At least once a year every DC goes through a Store Alignment where different stores that they service are added and dropped in order to distribute volumes amongst other DCs.
And in distribution.. your physical appearance doesn't matter... grow a beard, dreadlocks, fu-manchu, shave a bullseye on the back of your head... Whatever you want.
Figure since you guys are vets I'll just ask here. Can you take a personal day on a holiday like thanksgiving as an example if you have personal days to take or do they not allow you to use your personal days on holidays? How about like christmas eve which falls on one of my days off but if I don't want to take the chance of having overtime that day can I use one of my personal days?
Where I'm at ... most Holiday day vacation lists are full from the mass posting at the beginning of the year.
In January, (since Fiscal year starts in February) TMs turn in vacation requests for the year and then management will go through and sort the list by seniority. TM with highest seniority will get their first vacation pick and they will go through and distribute approved vacation time down the seniority list then cycle back to the top of the list for second picks..etc. There's a percentage of team members that will be allowed time off for any given day... (maybe 1 or 2) and that percentage of approvals is lowered during Fall season.
This doesn't mean you can't get the day off... just ask your GL and get on the wait list as early as you can... Anything beyond the mass vacation approvals are approved on a day-to-day basis regarding "business needs."

Yeah... it's a lengthy answer but for Payroll questions, your HR office should be able to give you the info you need.
Yup, mass vacation sign-up fills all the major holidays, so get yourself on the wait list if possible.

DCs operate only first shift on Christmas Eve and are closed on Christmas day. They reopen for first shift on the 26th. As a B2 guy, you will get two nights off.

The percentages for approved time off are 5% during fall season and 10% for the rest of the year. It goes by each key in each department and they round up. So if you have 33 TMs on B2 Outbound, then either 4 or 2 TMs in B2 OB will be allowed vacation/PH on a given day, depending on the time of year.
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