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How do I go about talking to my leaders about possibly beginning to look for a new job?

Discussion in 'Happy Trails' started by TTGOz, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Trainer

    I've been heavily debating with myself for the last 5 weeks on this. I've been with target for over a year now and this whole time I've just been a cashier.

    I can't stand it anymore being a cashier, the RedCard pressures, the customers, just cashiering in general. I don't mind cashiering if I'm doing it for 4 hours or less, but these LONG days of just 8 hours of pure cashiering, or the long 5.50 hour shifts where they'll schedule my 15 1.75hrs or 2hrs into my shift so I have to work the next 3.75 hours without a break. I'll ask the GSA or GSTL if I can take my break 2.50 or 3.00 hours in and they'll say they've got a schedule to keep. I'm completely 100% fine waiting as long as I need to take my 15, infact I prefer taking it 3 hours into my shift unless it's a 4 hour shift.

    Anyways, off on a tangent. I've talked to SO.. many people. I've talked to my ETL HR, the HR ladies, multiple team leads in store, my GSTL, my GSAs, and like 10 other co-workers I consider good friends. I've tried taking simple hardlines shifts just to be told "oh that person has a specific thing they have to do.. yeah... sorry man." and I get it, but I never knew a new guy had extremely specific things to do besides freight on his 5th shift in that he couldn't work.

    I've offered myself many times to lend my hand in zoning, doing stray, putting bags out on the lanes, and freight all in a timely manner. I've had the teamleads or ETLs or LODs tell me "you're faster than some of my current workers" and I'd be like "will you plz look at me for a position here" and continue doing what I'm doing. I do everything in a pretty timely manner, and for being a cashier for nearly two years I know my store pretty well.

    Behind my GSAs forgetting any requests to do anything sales floor related or cashier unrelated within an instant, my GSTLs overlooking my abilities beyond just Cashier and Carts, and team leaders too afraid to hire me for their workcenter because I'm "new" and want to get a start. I've been turned down from 3 positions and favored over people who have more experience, and I just sit there and wonder how am I ever gonna gain that experience if they can't at least consider me?

    All the team leaders swear they've seen me work, my customer interactions, and love what I've done with my cart crew, but just can't seem to move me along. I've showed decent leadership skills and work ethics in doing Carts, and that's what most leaders say they love most out of everything, and I think that's what's killing me. They've complimented my ability to do whatever they need on a whim.

    I feel like I just can't escape the front lanes, and I'm severely burned out from it. I might end up laying myself out on a table to my GSTL because I'm so burnt out, I'd do anything to do anything but be on a check lane now. I was working an early shift a few weekends ago and I asked "hey would I be able to open up SCO instead of the person coming in later?" and my GSA said "yeah that'd be okay!" then 30 minutes later he'd send the cashier who just came in to open up SCO instead of me.

    This is basically just a huge rant-fest and I'm sorry, I might try one last thing and talk to the leader that offered me a position here 2 months into working here and being nervous and afraid I said "maybe" and she asked me if I didn't wanna do freight or hardlines, and I just freaked out inside and I totally blew it.

    I really like working here, but it's becoming slightly unbearable, and I don't wanna come off as "Hey if I don't do this I'm gonna quit!!!" I just feel like I've exhausted all of my options, having mentally exhausted and drained GSAs to the point where they're brain dead between college and working, and just everyone looking right past my abilities and my flexibilities. I can literally do anything in this store, and I've literally done everything besides softlines and backrooms(and other obvious things that take special skills.)

    How do I properly go about laying down on a table I'm probably going to be looking into another job?
  2. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    Ck out city or county services called workforce. They can help you.
  3. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Go to your HRTM & ask for a voluntary termination form; make sure others see you doing that.
    Fill it out, fold it up & keep it in your pocket; don't say anything but keep them guessing about your motives.
    If word gets out that you're considering leaving it might be enough to jar someone among your leadership out of their complacency to ask you about it.
    Then you might be able to start a meaningful talk about your future.
    In the meantime, start looking elsewhere.
    If you feel like you're getting the runaround or weak explanations & you get a serious offer elsewhere, then you can whip out that vol term & use it.
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  4. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    "I feel like I just can't escape the front lanes, and I'm severely burned out from it."
    Honestly, a majority of people get this. Happened to me, i fucking loved target and was nervous, shy but excited for the first like month. Hate it now. Love my coworkers, hate the job.

    But honestly, if you CAN, there's always other job options out there that will pay the same with less stress. In my area atleast. But remember, its if you can always hunt for jobs else where. Your situation sounds like me, i've always asked to become GSA/GS-TM, never happened. Don't settle for BS. Just tell them straight up, speak to your ETL-GE or GSTL that your going to find a new job.
  5. OP

    TTGOz Team Trainer

    Thanks for the advice. The reason I primarily don't wanna leave is because I know this store and everyone is extremely likable here and I just know how to do a sales floor position more than any of the cashiers. The main difference between me and the rest are I actually do the stuff not to just get off the lane but to prove myself and actually work.

    Most of the cashiers here who get sent off to help with pulls take around 20-30 minutes to complete one pull for like our store's office/arts/kitchen/candles/card block. I don't understand how it takes so long, when I've had pulls done for that block in under 8 minutes. Yes, I've timed myself, no idea if that's weird or not :D I've had pulls done for blocks not right next to my checklanes done just that fast too.

    I guess maybe I just have to talk to my GSTLs even more and ask to keep doing this until eventually someone notices me, and that VT form is a strong last resort. I know usually when I go into work around my usual time all of the LODs and ETLs and GSTLs are working on paperwork and about to clock in for hand off. I'm probably gonna ask again next time I work if any new positions have opened up.
  6. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store logistics and receiving dc worker

    You can also consider looking at other positions at another store or otherwise in the company.
  7. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    Exactly how I felt, I do not want to quit Target because of the bunch of friendships i built, fun experiences I get. But at the end of the day you have to do what's best for you
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