Service & Engagement How does is Target leads supposed to handle mental health accommodations?

May 14, 2022
Recently I have been having a couple health issues just because I have an autoimmune disorder as well as anxiety and depression and my life is really stressful right now. I just feel like no one is taking me seriously. One day after almost a full shift on drive up I vomited and was told only to sit down and cool off after telling them multiple times I needed to go home, my body was saying to stop. Today they were messing with the entrance doors and after my lunch every time the doors would close it would screech quite loudly. I was on our smaller entrance watching the self checkout. After an hour or two of enduring the sound, it started happening more and more just since we were getting busier. I told my team lead I needed to just switch to the main side since the screeching wad making me freak out now. And she said she’d send someone over when there was someone to cover me. Then I also interact with one of our asset protect and tell him to tell the front of end team leads whoever that I needed to be switched out asap. I was feeling like my head was going to explode. As another team lead came in I also tell her that I need to be switched out, now basically in tears. Finally someone comes over and lets me walk away as I’m having a full meltdown at this point. I’m just so embarrassed. I don’t even know what I could have done. I was alone on that side and if I walked away no one would be there for self checkout. Please any insights or advice! I am trying to leave Target soon but I just need to stick it out for a little more.

edit: this also doesn’t even begin to cover how our leads have been having very new team members cover their breaks when there are team members also available with more seniority. And only 2.5 guest service shifts in 2 years? Others get more then that in a week. And how are they gonna give me 11.75 hours one week and that same week give another girl 41 hours. Not sure. Food for thought though.


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Jun 10, 2011
Go to HR now!
Write down a short, concise list of the ADA accommodations you need and tell them to please make them happen right away.
That is their job.
If a TL or ETL doesn't provide those accommodations tell them to go talk to HR.
There are laws about this shit and Target is very careful about sticking to those laws...
But only if you take the steps necessary to make them happen.
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Sep 17, 2014
Definitively go to HR like what was suggested. Your HR can have an ADA conversation with you. Usually it’s them printing out a copy of your job description, they’ll read each one and ask you if you feel like you’re able to execute it. Once that’s done, they’ll give you a document to give to your doctor along side the copy of your highlighted job description and your doctor will help you determine what your job restrictions will be and what you’re comfortably capable of doing. Bring that back, and they’ll either find somewhere you can be that matches your restrictions, or if they can’t you go on disability till you can. There’s usually always something you can do to fit within those job accommodations. Good luck and hopefully it works out for you :)