Archived How many hours do summer interns work?

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Oct 14, 2011
Hey everyone -

Does anyone know how many hours a week summer interns work? One of my friends is in college and wants to do a Target internship this coming summer. She wants to know if it is a full time or part time gig, and honestly I never paid enough attention to the interns to know the answer for her lol.

If anyone can remember how many hours they put in that would be great.

As far as what they do - I told her they basically just shadow the ETLs all day. Follow them in to meetings, walk the floor, sometimes "play LOD", etc. I never remember seeing them do much else, but if anyone knows of anything else they do please let me know so I can let her know.
each of the interns that have been at our store have been assigned a project, such as coming up with a way to improve a process in our store, etc.
We had a couple interns this past summer. One time, our closing GSA called in, so they got to play GSTL and learn how to close the lanes.
The expectation for summer interns is 40 hrs per week, in addition to one to two 30-minute lunch breaks.
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Interns and "in training" ETLs are hourly. They can't work more than 40 hours a week, and have to take breaks.
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