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Oct 30, 2011
I've only been with Target since April. Since then, I've been trained in the whole front end- Guest Service, Photo, Cashier, Starbucks, GSA.. plus hardlines, plano, electronics, softlines, pharmacy... and I'm the cosmetics brand captain. I've missed 3 days, sick, in my 7 months-- I know it's not the best, but I was truly barfing and working at Stabucks... ew. I've never been late. I've never said no to staying late or coming in when unscheduled... unless I had school. I've never had a guest complaint.... etc.

My problem: my ETL-HR has told me straight-out that some people just don't like me. She says I come off the wrong way. I tried to get her to elaborate, but we were basically going in circles. I truly care about all of my coworkers and I'm always very nice to everyone, and I try to help everyone out. I'm nervous that my "coming off the wrong way" is going to hold me back from getting a wonderful review, and hold me back in general. It's all misconceptions about me that I've tried to clear up time and time again. For instance, my STL has made comments to ETLs and TLs about me gossiping. I really, truly do not gossip. I'm not one of those airheads that gossips but thinks I don't... I really don't. I wish I had it in me to gossip, because people tell me some really good stuff! But alas, I don't repeat a damn thing.

Anyways, my main point is... what else can I do, aside from my basic job requirements, to ensure I get a great review? I'm clueless when it comes to what is included in a yearly review. And does anyone have any suggestions on how to change my coworker's opinions about me? Thanks guys, I love reading this forum! :)
What I would do as far as coming off the right way, and your HR not giving you any feedback on what to do to improve, I would go directly to your ETL. Say to him or her that you received feedback and go into details what was said, and say what can I do to improve. I would mention that you were said that you gossip, but don't. This helps your situation in two different ways. You will hopefully get answers to how you can improve, but it will also show your ETL that you care enough about your job and how you are perceived. Because ETL's in their weekly meeting talk about team members all the time and your ETL will mention this conversation as well.

As far as your peers not liking you, I would try not to let it control you but what you can do is partner with one of your peers who is a veteran and not mention what you heard but say I am trying to do the best that I can, is there anything you can think of that I can improve on. That way it will show your peers that you care.
Hope it all works out.
I've heard similar things, that people don't like me, and I've also always tried to be very helpful and very friendly to everyone, all the time. I was told, by a TL that wants me to get promoted, that sometimes I come across as a know-it-all and that people don't understand that I'm just trying to help. I've also been told by one or two people that I talk too much, when really I'm just trying to be friendly and helpful.

Of course I'm not saying that this is true about you, but that's what I've experienced. What my TL told me to do was ask people if they want to be helped first, instead of just jumping in without being asked, and she also told me I need to tailor my message to my audience. For example, some of our brand new TMs treat me like I'm in charge, so I have to talk to them differently than I would to a TM who's been there a year and knows their job well. If I talk to them the same, one of them will probably feel slighted.

Other than that, I totally agree with everything softlines queen said.
I agree with others have said too. Politics is pain. But don't let it stop you. Keep doing your job, seek opps, provide great gs, & "try" to be team player. Talk to your etl-ge, gstl, or stbxtl for an honest answer too.
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