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Sep 19, 2013
Hi Everyone. I found this forum looking for answers this afternoon. My name is Criss I have been a Target Team Member for 2 years.
working front end. Cashier, Guest Services. I am in a really busy store (which is nice)
I was looking for the Requirements for GSTL/GSA such as age and so on and haven't been able to find any. are there any?

I am a bit frustrated right now because I have been in my position for 2 years and have been asking to be developed and well the process is very VERY slow. Is this normal? I have to say I have seen changes happen really super fast for some people.
any suggestions???


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Jun 10, 2011
Greetings and salutations.
Welcome to The Break Room.

Hoping its is just the nick and not the IRL name.
We gotta fly anonymous around here because Spot isn't always happy about the content of the site.
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Sep 14, 2012
First and foremost, if that is your real name you should change it and if that location is your real location change it as well, ASAP. This is an open forum and is watched by The Target People frequently. Being anonymous is necessary here.

BUT! Welcome to the breakroom, answers are always found here! In your location, minimum age is 18 and there is no formal maximum age. There are several threads on GSTL/GSA topics and if you just use the search tool on the homepage you should be able to find what you're looking for.
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