Archived Hurricane Pallets

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Jun 15, 2011
Back in the day, it used to be we could sweep these back so long as we didn't open them.

Yesterday we were told we couldn't sweep them back period, regardless of whether we opened them or not.

Is that policy new? If so when did it change? Any guesses?
Hurricane pallets are basically pallets of merchandise that guests will need to prepare ahead of a hurricane. Water, batteries, flashlights. Usually those items are sent back if you didn't need to open them.

We were told we couldn't sweep them back. Something doesn't seem right and I want more answers.
Well the ironic thing is that they DCs used to keep these pallets onhand in order to send to stores that were affected by disasters. I don't really see what the purpose is in keeping them. The last time someone opened one of the battery pallets we were stuck with (I am not joking) 3 pallets of batteries. The water will sell eventually.

Well, I suppose it could be used for a Fun Friday event. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all!
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