Hypothetical question regarding non-rehireable TMS

I have a hypothetical question....

We all know that non-rehireable TMs are never supposed to be hired again and are flagged as such.

My question is.... Let's assume a TM quit without giving a two weeks notice while they worked at Target part time while in college. They are marked non-rehireable.

Then let's say they graduate from college and apply as an ETL. Does the non-rehireable mark still ban then from working at Target?


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Good question...If ETLs go through the same background check as TMs. Then they will find the non-rehireable status. Usually the black mark is shared with all Target stores and a number of other retail companies. So if you quit with no notice, you just screwed yourself.

The only way I saw non-hireables make it back to Target is to plead with the original store management to let them back on.
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the non rehire-able thing actually depends on how long ago you were termed. I have seen a few people rehired, since their ssn was in the system before HRZONE. But since Max and JAS has been around for what, 5-6 years now, the ssn# will be able to tell HQ that you shouldn't be rehired and why. The standard for the two week notice has always been that if a team member did not have the courtesy to give us two weeks notice to find someone to replace them, then that team member was not rehireable at any location.

I hope that answers the question!
We let a couple of non-rehireable TMs on as seasonal... and they all either didn't show up for orientation, or quit on the first day!!
some of the seasonals are so frustrating that way - spend all that time interviewing, going to the drug test, waiting for orientation, then quit without a hint. It's work people - what did you think?


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One of our noobs who quit after training said she "lasted just long enough to requalify for unemployment" since she cited scheduling conflicts as her reason for quitting.
I laughed & said it doesn't work that way but she seemed real sure of herself. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she finds out Target documents & retains every scrap they fill out, including that availability form she submitted.

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I'll be open enough to say I was termed the first time with Target over attendance issues(ultimately my fault, but I had a lot of outside factors in my life at that time). Seven years later I talked to an old TL and told them I had re-applied, got the interview and was brought back on board. Now two years into my second stretch I've worked through positions and will be working on my development for a TL position after 4th QTR is over. Point being, being termed is NOT the end of things and I am proof enough of that.

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not sure If I'd ever go back to Target. so far Walmart has treated me good and NOTHING like the media claims them to be and my co workers are the best I've had out of all the jobs i've had.