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Sep 14, 2011
I don't know if anyone remembers me but I had posted a couple weeks ago about having an interview and asking for tips on how to land the job at the Target store I applied at, well.......I got it :) I had originally applied for part time cashier but they felt that I would be a better fit at the service desk so that is where I will be working. I already went to my orientation and tonight is my first scheduled training shift. I am exicted and kinda nervous since I have never worked in retail before but I'm sure it's not brain surgery and as long as you are as nice as you can be to the guests, I'll do just fine (hopefully).

So I'll be hanging around here and getting to know all you fellow coworkers :D

Way to go, Amy. Congrat's on getting the job & welcome to retail. Going into 4th quarter it will be interesting. Good luck! :)
Now the fun starts for certain
welcome Texas mom.
Welcome to the Team, glad we were able to help!
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