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Too much personal information
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I would stay away from anything work related when not on the clock... At my store there have been a few let go for that very reason!
Sounds some training needs to happen. Hr & bully have a chat. You & your ctl or closing lod need to communicate more.
It must be nice to have the hours so they can write them on the clock.

C volume store here! trust me it is a struggle to find hours. We sat down and developed a schedule to get these written and our STL found hours to schedule us off the floor for it. So it can be done.
Same story at my store, basically. Except my pf team is more cooperative within itself, sounds like. Tonight I am closing, which means zoning all of dry grocery and doing all the pf routines by myself. In addition I am sure they'll want some kind of project done. Keep communicating in a positive friendly way.

You said you don't have time to zone the coolers. Perfectly understandable. Neither do I! Communicate what you -did- do.

Also: you check dates on everything, every day? you may want to collaborate with your ctl on how much time you want to spend on that. For instance: if you are getting a truck shipment of food the next day, why are you spending all that time checking dates when that could happen during the push process the next morning? Everyone should rotate and cull as they're working anyway. One person can't check everything. Know what I mean?
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