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Nov 19, 2012
I know I haven't been with Spot all that long, but I will say that I have hit a really big wall this past week.


For starters, my last day off was last Sunday. I got called in on Monday and I picked up a shift for Friday and today (Sunday). My next day off is Wednesday. I'm trying to be the "team player" by coming in when they call to show that I care about the company. I've been working 6-day Spot weeks for probably the past month.

However, things came to a head last night during our closing shift. One of the Sr. TLs was closing LOD and I got tossed into shoes (an area that I've worked in approximately twice). When I came in, I was supposed to cover the first part of the operator's lunch. An hour later (we get 45 min lunches, plus the op stopped to grab reshops on her way AND the TM who was supposed to cover the 2nd half never came over and didn't have a walkie) I finally get into a thoroughly trashed shoe dept. I also did not have a walkie and had to make a quick trip to the restroom. When I came back the SRTL comes over and tells me to pick up the dept. I go about my business and start zoning. A little while later, the SRTL comes by again and tells me that I need to "work faster". I tell her I would be a lot further along had I not been stuck at the fitting room for an hour. I also told her that I haven't worked shoes very much so it takes me a little longer to figure out where things go.

She just has this condescending tone to her voice and talked to me like a 6 year-old all night.



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Jun 10, 2011
I've found if you ask for a quick lesson in how to do the job faster and more efficiently (because you really want to be able to do better) is very effective.
You have to say it sincerely and earnestly but 90% of the time the offending E will 'hurrumph' and move on to bother someone else.
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