Archived I was nominated for peer trainer. Not sure what that is exactly.

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Sep 21, 2011
I am a sales floor tm and my etl told me he nominated me to for a peer trainer position. I asked him what that was exactly and he told me I would just train new team members on how to zone, push, do go backs, etc. I've already been doing that, though. I'm not sure why I need to be nominated for it. Is it just a title?
Exactly. I've been training people for years and they've been giving this "title" to people that just started a couple months ago and don't even know what they're training, so obviously it doesn't really mean anything other than you're the designated person and should have enough time to follow around newbies and teach them what they're supposed to be doing. There may be some weight of responsibility if the person you "train" does something wrong though, not sure, so you can have the title imo ty.

Actually, in a way I do agree with making newer people trainers, as they have more of an understanding what it is to be the new guy, and what things newbies actually have to learn. People who have been around for years tend to forget what things aren't actually just common sense and need to be taught. Not to mention, many of them, like me, have lost almost all patience with newbies and don't even bother getting to know their names until they've been there a while since they come and go like... insects. =]
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Just confirming...its a nothing title. I guess Corp thought it was a good idea to make TMs think they needed to work harder but without gaining any extra benefits or titles.

Years ago, when Peer Trainers first started. The trainers were supposed to be more hands on with the trainees and take responsibility for their performance, and communicate all that to the GSTLs. But it fell through. And peer trainer title just means you were the first person the ETL saw to push a trainee off onto.
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Our team training program has been scrapped by our new HR. They claim that the program had no base, and the title was being awarded to any and everyone without proper training.

Hey, I sat through the entire team training process on workbench, and picked up a trainer manual. I followed the learning plans to a T. I'm just annoyed I never got my "trainer" badge!
I used to be team trainer up front & was certified for cashier, service desk, cash office, carts & GSA.
I took care of each trainee's packet, walking them through their training sessions & required quizes (alcohol, hazmat, etc), getting them signed off & turning the paperwork in to HR. 2 yrs ago, our ETL decided that 'anyone' could handle these duties & we've been paying for it since.
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