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I'm Lost! I'm new here!!

Nov 8, 2019
Hi guys.

So I currently don't know what FOS attendant do ? Ughhhhh i'm lost. Help me!!!

Thank youu.
Dec 20, 2018
That’s Cart attendant. You collect carts from the parking lot and bring them inside. You fill up the entrances with carts and hand baskets which are collected from the front and self checkouts. You also help do carry outs and assist by bringing big items to peoples car. You are also responsible for cleaning up any spills and collecting the trash at service desk and Starbucks. You also stock the lanes with paper and plastic bags.
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Jul 8, 2016
pretend everyone is our neighbor (good neighbor not the shit kind) or your best friend...you'll work wonders....also FOS is such a joke of a label for a position...you're a cashier and cart attendant ....no sugar coating it and people hate working food ave/starbucks but if you get the position...take it and make it your specialty...you'll deal with jackasses but not nearly as bad as a regular cashier.