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Sep 6, 2011
Last Tuesday night I was closing and my foot started to hurt. My feet always hurt at the end of my shifts though so I didn't think anything of it. as the week went on it started to hurt more and more. never really went away. on my days off since then I have rested, iced, elevated..done everything I can think of to rest it. Now today, a week later, I can barely walk. and the pain is up my ankle. Is there any sort of time limit that I can report this? I now wish I had said something a week ago but like I said I just figured my feet were sore from working. I want to report this to my ETL or HR but I'm afraid they will make a big deal out of me not saying something sooner.
If I had medical insurance I would go to my own doctor and not even bother my store with this. But I have no insurance and can't afford a doctors visit. and it did start hurting AT work when it initially started. I have two coworkers who were witnesses to me saying it was hurting. and hurting ever since.
Report it without delay to hr. You should of reported it sooner. You will have fill out an tm incident report for starters. Then, ask for shifts like cashiering, softlines, or operator, to keep you off your feet. Ck with your city or county health services, they may offer reduced or fee medical services for you.
Softlines is suggested due to being on carpet. Better than a tile floor.
Good luck!
From it sounds like, you may have a couple things going on.

From my experience, after a long hike in the woods or a long day on the salesfloor, my ankles would be locked up and it took me a minute to stand up and start walking at a regular pace. I would put Icy-Hot on my ankles, and within a day I was back to normal until my next hike or long day at work. The doctor ended up saying its was arthritis. The doctor said I could get some surgery to remove a inflamed piece of muscle, or I could wait and use firm orthodics and loose socks to relieve some of the pain.

On another occasion, I got my legs scratched up from bug bites. And within a couple days, my ankle started swelling and turning red. Another day goes by, and I couldn't stand up from a sitting position without unbareable pain. The doctor said I had cellulitis which is a common skin infection and once it gets into the muscles will cause extreme pain and sores, buts its easy to treat with a strong antibiotic.
I hurt my foot cart attending a couple weeks back.

Whenever I stepped on my foot or lift it up to take a step it hurt and I had a very slight limp, but luckily I had the next 2 days off so I just stood off it as much as possible and it healed.
Get in there, talk to them, fill out the paper work.
Even if they give you a hard time it's more important that you medical attention.
In my young and dumb days I went for a very long time without taking care of pain and had to have major surgery to get back to work.
Don't put yourself through that.
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