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Jul 21, 2012
My store is undergoing a remodel to become a pfresh and we're also redoing our checklanes to have integrated guest service (IGS, when the service desk functions as both a return center and express checklane).

I was wondering if anyone on here works at a store that has IGS and how it worked/changed how you worked the Service Desk.

When you get scheduled does it come up as Service Desk or as Cashier?

Is there ever time to do repackages?

Are you ever able to kind of keep guests away for non-returns when you need to work on defectives at the end of the night?

I'm kind of worried because our express lanes are ALWAYS busy and another store in our area got IGS last year and they're already going back to normal GS because no one, including the guests, liked it!
Imo it should only be for ULV stores. Plus it shouldn't be express because some of the issues that arise at guest service are far from speedy
I think my store is considered ULV, but it doesn't work well here. Now any guest who wants to do a return has to wait in line behind other guests who are just buying things. There's nowhere else you can make a return but at the service desk, so they're stuck. And now it's difficult for them to get their tasks done because there are always guests to ring up, and it's never treated as just an express lane.

IMO, they need to go back to the way it was before. Service Desk doing Service Desk-y things and only ringing purchases when it's busy and they don't already have guests of their own.
Everyone complains at my store. We're not ULV, so it's been heck for us. The TMs who work the SD hate having to ring up huge carts of groceries. There's also TMs who don't know how to do guest service, so a lot of things are done wrong or not done at all. (Defectives, paid & lefts, AP tags, etc.) Photo TMs hate it because we have tons of people trying to return stuff or make payments at photo and they usually get mad at us when we send them to the right checklane. Guests hate it because they have to wait.

My biggest pet peeve? They leave the old SD wide open with only two signs that people easily ignore and hang around looking for someone or asking the photo lab "if we're closed". Put up a wall or something. We can still get our equipment and keys without having all the registers out in the open. I think this is the biggest source of confusion for guests.

During our remodel, they put up new GS and photo signs...I had to chase down the remodel ETL and ask her if that was correct. She then had to chase someone down to remove the guest service sign. *sigh* not a lot of thinking going on here...
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