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Internal job search

Nov 7, 2015
My first post here, and I’m not sure I’ve landed in the right spot, but does anyone have input about applying for a position at another location, specifically how much value is attached to having someone send an email referral before I apply. My ETL and SD don’t seem familiar with this procedure, but I read about it at target.com as part of the normal process?
May 6, 2020
Go on workday to find the job at the other store. Ask for transfer to your hr or sd.
As long as you not on a corrective action of any sort. Apparently that precludes you from transferring to another store or taking a promotion for at least a year.

Apparently even a ONE NCNS can get you a corrective action.

We have a TM that is quitting because he was denied transfer to a new store. He was also a former Market Source so knew how do to everything.