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Aug 13, 2012
I am looking for information and contacts that would be helpful in obtaining a job with Target in Loss Prevention or Security related positions in the Pittsburgh area. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and I would TRULY APPRECIATE ANY HELP. I want to return home to my family.

My background includes:

Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University

16.5 years in law enforcement (over 10 years of which was supervisory)
Certified Law Enforcement Instructor for over 10 years with focus in Criminal Investigations
2 years owning a retail business, acting as the general manager
Point of Sale Systems
Retail Theory and applications
Employee relations
4 years employment in the International Police Training Mission in Afghanistan
1 year as a supervisor - operating continuous process improvement project involving employee and police training.

Certified Lean / Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Proficient with MS Office products and point of sale systems
Extensive experience in employee relations, leadership, training, and mentoring
Enthusiatic, quick learner, dedicated, hard worker

I am interested in working retail loss prevention management because it is an extension of my skills in law enforcement, it is a field built around people and interpersonal relations, and management positions appear to offer much better compensation than law enforcement. I have specific interest in working at Target because it appears that the loss prevention personnel are well paid, Target has a good reputation (overall), and loss prevention management is utilized for general store management duties in some cases (which gives a broader range of experience and development).
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