Archived Is it wrong to be SOOO tempted to make a Target RPG?

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Jun 16, 2011
I came across this website and I instantly thought of Target this way.

You could go do missions and then instead of being attacked, you were stopped by guests.

Wizards would be the GSTL/GSA's, Salesfloor team members would be the warriors, the AP would be the rouge's, and the... ETL's would be the Barb's.

I'm thinking the end of the game would be a successful paycheck.
....the scanner on the PDT is a laser; key-carriers can ascend to the next level when they reach a door after conditions are met; fail & you're thrown into the compactor; if you prevail over a b*tchy guest, you advance - if not, you're demoted.
Oh, Talan, this has SO many possibilities!
Plano team could be druids and you could set up the cafe/starbucks as the inn.
Haha! This reminds me of what my co-workers and I do when we're bored. Turn banal Target-y things into RPG terms and cliches.

What? Senior Team Lead is evolving!

Dun da dun da dun da dun da dun da

Senior Team Lead has evolved into... Executive Team Lead - Logisitics!

I'll order it tomorrow
cashiers called bugs? Bugged you for everything.
Backroom or instocks team called ghosts riders?
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Going by WoW standards
Human - Salesfloor
Dwarf - Electronics
Night elf - Flow
Gnome - Cashiers, GSTMs, FATMs, CAs, GAs
Draenei - Brand TMs
Worgen - Backroom

Orc - STLs
Undead - GSAs
Tauren - AP
Troll - TLs
Blood elf - ETLs
Goblin - Presentation/Pricing
To make it more even...

Alliance (Good TMs)
Human - Brand TMs, GSAs
Dwarf - Electronics,Presentation,Pricing
Night elf - TLs
Gnome - Cashiers, GSTMs, FATMs, CAs, GAs, Salesfloor
Draenei - Execs
Worgen - Backroom,Flow

Horde (Evil TMs)
Orc - Execs
Undead - Backroom,Flow, Electronics,Presentation,Pricing
Tauren - AP
Troll - TLs
Blood elf - Electronics,Presentation,Pricing
Goblin - Cashiers, GSTMs, FATMs, CAs, GAs, Salesfloor
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