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Jun 8, 2011
So I've heard a lot of talk around "Jet" visits from executives lately, does anyone here know what they are, or have suggestions for what to know for/expect during them if our store was to get one?

Thanks and sorry if this makes no sense to anyone else, lol...:confused:
If your store is near an airport, you will get a "visit" once every or other quarter. I got 5 stores near an airport & get a breather.
Jet visits are visits from the corporate muckity-mucks. It's pretty much the same sort of sucking up - with a bigger Targeteer Smile.
Ah, makes sense, I figured it was something from corporate with the tone of discussions, but wasn't sure exactly. So is it just a pop in, how's it going kind of thing, or do they really dig in the different areas and ask a lot of questions?
Corp has a few privately owned and operated aircraft. I don't know if it's operated out of MSP international or a smaller airport.
These visits are usually a waste of time and stress for the ETL's. They really do nothing but walk the racetrack once, say hi to a few TM's, ask them about their day and position at Target, retreat to your training/conference room for 2-3 hrs with your AP ETL and STL (thats the norma for us atleast) then bounce on out.
We are right next to a private airport..bleh! Half the time we hear they are coming they don't show, apparently someone has a phobia of bad weather and we get lots of bad weather here.

The best part is watching the ETL's freak out!
Any time you get a visit from above the group level, it will be called a "Jet Visit" because of how they got there. So far, the one's I've received email recaps from have gotten a TON of notes from the visitors. They've mostly been critical on visual adjacency accuracy, team stuff (business walks, attendance effectiveness, etc), total DTK operational score, location accuracy, AAR, and Conversion.
One of the perks of being overnight is you only see big-wigs maybe twice a year, and when they do come it's for about 15 minutes and they're out the door :D
Our store is directly north of the Airport in my city, one day everybody was freaking out about a "Jet" visit. Being that we were so close to the Airport we figured we would be the first. Turns out, they ended up flying into the smaller regional airport on the complete opposite side of town and visited the store down the street from that airport. That store gave everybody a call, so we were prepared. At the end of the day they never had showed. Turns out they went to all the stores on that side of town and apparently decided they didn't want to waste too much time in a "car" and drive to our side of town. Oh well. ;) They visited the highest volume store in our district, and I suppose thats all the mattered to them.
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