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Jun 21, 2011
How long has the Karma button been there? I like to think I am observant, but I just noticed it this morn.
The button has always been there - prior to the upgrade it was called "reputation"

Not the most useful feature but a nice way to thank users for their positive contributions
I like the karma button.
Its a nice to way to be able to give credit for good posts.
You can look under settings. It'll tell you who karma'd you & how many points.
I'm in the so-so range (so far, so good, so what?).

Mine just links to the karma'd posts and tells my total points. It doesn't say who gave me the karma.
Witch - or is it which - reminds me of a interesting story --

Over at a car forum I'm on - they have a Karma thing-ie too.
There's a little speedometer icon that shows 1 MPH for every like vote

There "Was" one member who complained that members were voting against him every 6 hours to put his score well into the negative

The guy was a real crap

His score got so low ---- the mod's kicked him out

That reminds me --- my crap-berry timer just sounded

P/S -- My score here is 13 ----- I don't have that many friends in real life
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Slave, you have a fan club

Yea - I know

Their the ones that probably send me those e-mail links for the Viagra sites Ive been getting lately

Did you get that fruit basket I sent you - along with the Craftsman Tool of the month membership -- there's a special on extension cords
How the @#$! did I get to #1?
SBS, I'm always smitten with a guy who works with heavy metal....<3 say the nicest things, Jetta....that is, when your mind's not in the gutter. lol
Hahaha I just love being nice. I see no reason to be mean to someone. It's just not cool. Some people in my store call me smiley bc I usually always have a smile on... Probably on account of where my mind is all the time lol
Don' know how I made it to #2.
I'm one of the few people here who's pissed somebody off enough that they left the board completely.
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