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Sales floor TL
Jun 8, 2011
Does anyone know how I can get the red label strip tool?? Tipp number?
Not sure about that one...I always used a pen cap or a key to place the strips. However, you can search TIPP under various key words....takes time, but, it may yield success. I know the tool you are talking about....I just never used it.
Are you talking about a "peg puller" used by the plano team? Not sure what it is called on tipps though. Ask your signing tm or plano.
Search for orange tool. As far as I know that is the actual name of the tool.
We had a hard time getting it from TIPP so the remodel ETL called the number that's on the inside of the puller and ordered a box of them.
We've been carefully hoarding them ever since.
Under TIPP search for EZ Remover.

Got it!!! GTC to you sir. My plano TL only knew about the peg pullers.. I can use them to put in label strips but they wear away and eventually break after about an aisle worth of work... luckily my ETL HL had the "Bible" or guide to everything hardlines
the orange ones are no longer available on tipp. you have to use the disposable ones that come in with the label strips.
My preferred canoe clip remover is a tack puller:

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