Archived Last minute SrTL interview advice?

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May 2, 2012
Just found out that my SrTL interviews will be Monday (the first three: with ETLs and STL). Any advice? Obviously I've already survived the TL interview process in the past, and I have much more to talk about in the interview now, but any pointers of things I should be especially prepared for, that'd be great! The DTL interview will probably be a few days after.
Dress like you want the job. That sounds like a no brainer but I have seen people walk into this interview with a red tshirt and khakis. Put on your best button down, no sneakers and make sure your nails are clean. I have spoken to some high level recruiters and they have said that your nails don't have to be polished but they do need to be clean.
Show confidence when you walk into the room. Look your interviewers in the eye and shake their hands. You will possibly walking with a DTL one day and you should be able to project confidence. Now more than ever the answers should encompass the store. Don't think one department, how does this affect the whole store. Bring your answers to the mission statement, how does it affect driving sales, FFF team, service and clean stores? Keep your answers to the point, but don't be afraid to be yourself. Limit the use of um, yeah, and other grunts! Sounds easy but I cannot believe the way some people express themselves when they are trying to impress!You should also be able to show how you are able to engage and inspire a team. If you are going to SRTL interviews your leadership team sees the qualities in you already. They would not send someone who is not ready. Be yourself, take a deep breath and shine. When the interview is over, make sure to thank everyone involved again looking them in the eye.
Not open for further replies.