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Jul 10, 2012
I'm just wondering whats the lastest anyones stayed after closing?

Last night I was there to 11:30 before they had to let me for for my 6 hours. :wacko:

I'm not a huge fan of closing shifts for that exact reason!
2:30am and then back at 6:00am...had a corporate visit and this was also back when they didn't really flip out over overtime
A couple years ago, on a Wednesday night that we closed at 11PM, we were there until 2:30AM.....ETL was just being a butthead because he could be.......finally let us go when most of the team started to need to clock out for a 2nd meal.....
i've stayed until 4am the wednesday before black friday. To give credit to our ETL's it was optional but we had had 6 callins that night and nothing was going to be set up for black friday if we didn't stay. Most people did stay and help out but quite a few left that had to be up early. The next week that ETL took all of us that stayed to the training room and brought us in dinner from a local place that's pretty expensive.
The longest i've stayed on a normal closing night is 12. We never stay more than an hour after closing and during Christmas when we'close at 12 we always leave right at close.
OClosed the night before Mothers Day. I didn't get out till 3am.
Night before Thanksgiving was there til 5:00 am and I had to get ready to go to a football game at 8:00 am.
Once, many years ago (seven? eight?), we went overnight to expand our video game department from one 20ft run to three 20ft runs. I was the Electronics Specialist at the time, so I was assigned to close that day in order to demerch the three runs--but when the outside contractors got there to do the installation of the new doors, shelves, display kiosks, etc., they were so absolutely clueless that I felt I had no choice but to stay and help them (our store was the first in the city to do this project, so the contractors were seeing all this stuff for the first time). The plano team was busy resetting all the OTHER aisles in Electronics so there would be places to go with all the merchandise that came out of the two runs we were losing, which meant that in addition to helping actually build the new display cases for the aisles, I had to set and stock all the planograms myself. It was a long shift. I ended up working something like 3pm to 9:30am.

In the sense that you meant the question, though... not counting the 3am-4am Black Wednesday closes, I think the latest I ever stayed was in the 2-2:30 range, back when we still had to get the store superzoned every night (and had the payroll to afford it).
Damn, everyone at my store clocks out at exactly 11:45. No one is ever asked to stay later then scheduled and sometimes we even leave 5 minutes early.
In the olden days of closing at 10pm, going up to midnight the week of Christmas, I remembered staying 'til 2am to help zone Seasonal. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Midnight, the night before Easter last year. The front end was pretty much destroyed, so me and the GSTL had to stay and try to restore order to the lanes. We had an 11:30 person scheduled, but they called in. It was the only time I ever closed without the flow team being there (we're an overnight store).
1:15am on a 12AM close Christmas season 2009 ;) There was a blizzard that struck that evening, and the parking lot got literally doused in a foot of snow.... fun times.
A few years back when closing, we used to stay zone & reshop till it was done. Roughly 2 to 3 extra hours after closing. But, not anymore. I missed the old days.
Maybe 12:30 or 1:00? We close at 10. Now they leave at 11 every night. I worked HL last night for the first time in a while.

Straight? Is that legal?

/sits Leonhart down, pulls his head back & pours a cold one down his throat.

It was two years ago. 10pm Tuesday till 5am Thursday. BRTM. Middle of remodel.

We had a big visit Thursday (I think it was a VP) and backroom's a little but busy.

Came in Tuesday night to backstock. Wednesday morning, truck. Spent the whole day backstocking all over the area. Around 11pm, started updating Electronics stockroom, as in LOCUing and STOing till 5am

I remember the days because Avatar came out in DVD
Just the other night actually. We didn't get out til 1:30 a.m. Back to School sucks for our store. We happen to be on a state line where the other states sales tax is 2 percent higher. So EVERYONE from that state and EVERYONE from our state came to shop at Target for BTS....
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