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Jun 10, 2011
I had a whole long post written about this, but the board ate it when I pressed "submit" so I have to start all over again. :blowup:

Long story short...

On Tuesday, there's four of us working backroom day, the TL has the day off:

Person A: 7:30-4, the opener
Person B: 9-5:30, a special shift, we don't usually have a fourth person
Person C: 11-7:30, the midshift, myself
Person D: 1-9, the closer

Person D isn't generally available to close on Tuesdays as they have "other obligations" those nights after about 7. Nothing they HAVE to go to, just one of those direct selling scam things.

Because of a scheduling shortfall, our TL, when he's making the schedule 2 weeks out, asks Person D if they can close that Tuesday. He agrees.

However, sometime between then and the present, he decides he's going to go to his "other obligation" anyways and will simply leave at 5PM. And he doesn't attempt to switch shifts. Or tell the TL. Or any of us UNTIL 3PM the day of. When asked, he says he mentioned it to the HR assistant a few days prior and that should be enough.

So, being the day's defacto closer, I go to the closing ETL to explain that anything that doesn't get done that night will be because no one will be in the backroom after 7:30. He's caught off guard by this, hasn't heard a word about our closer leaving early (I guess telling the HR assistant wasn't enough...), tells me to do my best with the time I have and tell him if something doesn't get done.

In any case, Person D leaves at 5, Person B leaves at 5:30 and I'm alone to finish the backstock, the 7PM CAFS and an annoyingly large Price Change pull. But I get most of it done. I come in the next morning and my TL nots how annoyed he is at the whole situation but he doesn't indicate what he plans to do about it.

NOW. My question to those out there who are TL's/ETL's etc...What are your feelings on this? What would YOU do?
Coached d guy for starters. You did try to communicate the tl & lod, so you should ok. We don't have 7pm cafs, so you must a super t. I would ask sftl who backroom certified to help you via lod with cafs. Plus, ask hr asst via your tl why they didn't say anything, if the d guy really mention to them.:facepalm:
Very simple- Write him up, and put him on corrective action. Even though it's outside his availability, he still 1) agreed to it and 2) showed up for it. Not only that he left early without LOD approval. I would even seek to term for job abandonment. But then again, i'm just a hardass. Especially on people who will do such a careless thing to their team.

But thats just me, i'm not even a TL yet.. but i just thought i'd give it a shot anyway xD
BRTM guy D needs to be coached or written up for leaving early. They knowing agreed to take on a shift outside their availability, then decided they couldn't work it.

It is their responsibility to find a replacement.
Definitely a coaching at the least for team member d. Especially if he knew days ahead of time that he was not planning to work the shift he agreed to as indicated by the conversation with the assistant HR.

gtc for you for partnering with your closing lod and letting them know what was going on.
I'm so focused on the fact that you had 4 people working in the backroom dayside!!! I am having a hard time coming up with an answer to the question. HA!
I'm so focused on the fact that you had 4 people working in the backroom dayside!!! I am having a hard time coming up with an answer to the question. HA!

Its rare, trust me. And it NEVER happens on a weekend for some reason.
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