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Sep 23, 2011
Hey folks, new TL here (completely new, not an internal promotion), and still in the first week of training. I feel so completely overwhelmed with all this computer training, but confident in any "hands on" training. Is this normal? Any recommendations on what to do, how to approach all this information overload? I'm a smart guy (I think), work well under pressure, and all that good stuff, I just don't know how I can possibly retain everything that's being thrown at me... or even 30% of it. Is this normal, or am I in over my head?
From what I can tell TL is a steep learning curve with daily bumps after that, which most people could handle well enough.
The problem is SPOT rather then making it a forward process just throws folks into a swamp.
Yes, it's easy to survive quicksand by floating on the top but that doesn't make for the best way to get through (or even the best analogy).
Hang on, use your common sense, partner up with one of the older TL's who has mad skills and watch your paper work (can't speak for that one but I'm told that really makes the E's happy).
Honestly I can't remember much of the online trainning you learn more on the floor don't worry to much about it and always ask your etl or other Tl's when your lost better to ask then be wrong.

What's your area?
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