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Jun 19, 2012
I requested Friday, the 6th off and didn't get it off. Understandable, I'm new and I probably didn't put in my request soon enough. I put it on the schedule swap board but so far no one has acknowledged it. I know that I'm usually the only one who works in electronics/blue world at night so I know they're going to be hard pressed to find a replacement for that night.

I didn't request it off for no reason, I have a doctor's appointment at noon and then I have to fly to St. Louis for a family reunion that we do every year. So, I literally cannot come in. The only time I can come in is right before my doctor's appointment to get my check, which I'm not sure if I can even do.

Who do I talk to about this? I don't want to be a no show, and I don't want to call in because I know that I'm hard to replace that late at night and it'd be an inconvenience to all. But, I did request it off for a good reason.

Your best bet is going to be talking to your ETL-HR and letting them know what's going on. When you were interviewing, they asked you if you needed any upcoming time off. Did you let them know about the family reunion then? If you did, remind the ETL-HR, and they can verify it. It would've been noted in your interview folder, and they'll keep that on-hand for a year. If you didn't, you probably should have. The ETL-HR can also help you figure out why your Time Off Request was denied, since every denial is required to have a reason listed right on the form.

You should also start asking people directly if they would be willing to cover you. Maybe you'll find someone who just hasn't looked at the swap shift board yet.

And I definitely wouldn't recommend calling off. Calling in for a shift that you posted on the swap shift board is usually considered to be only a little better than a No Call No Show.
During my interview, they didn't ask me if I would need any upcoming time off, granted the woman seemed a bit lost at to what she was doing. I definitely would have told her if I needed some. And, I talked to the ETL-HR at orientation about missing the 6th because she said if I needed time off within the next month, I'd have to tell her then and I did. So she said "I can see what I can do but no promises." Which I totally understand because I am new. But, I will ask her the next time I work why it was denied and then let her know that I can't come in that day for reasons.
Yeah, they're supposed to ask you if you need any time off at the interview, right around when they're confirming your availability. But it would also depend on how many other people are on vacation around that time, since it is the week of a holiday and all.
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