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Nov 6, 2011
What is your unload/breakout process?
-how are your custom blocks set up along the line?
-how many TMs are on the line?
-how many are bowling?
-do you sort combo repacks on the line during unload or what do you do with them?
-how many bowlers do you have? Are the coming in at 4 or are they staggered?
-what does your wave look like?
-does Br come out and push?
-if your truck is 2200/2300 what time are you finishing everything?

Just want to compare and contrast to figure out the most efficient process. Please feel free to be as detailed as possible
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Apr 13, 2012
at my store...
-2-3 unloaders in the trailer
-we have about maybe 7 on the front of the line loading pallets, 3 behind the line for auto back stock
-we have 1 stager
- we have maybe 4 people bowling in various departments like market, chemicals, and babies
-our wave, we start off in market, then we blow our way from chemicals, paper and HBA, then we all head to babies in the end and sporting goods
- in the meen time of all this, there is 1 person in babys, one person in toys, 3 people in C&D, 1 person in stationary, and 2 people in pets and paper and one in electronics
- the backroom team will only push if flow is behind, we used to always knock out toys and then start backstocking everything.
- the LATEST anyone will stay to is til their 5th hour, and usually everything is done by then
May 3, 2013
A+ Volume store overnight
-7 trucks a week
-avg 1750
-2 unloaders in truck
-1 person scanning
-1 person don dock taking off bulk non conveyable (furn, plas, seasonal, etc.)
-4 bays on front of line
-bay 1 25,26,27 (elec, bed/Dom, seasonal)
-bay 2 28,29,30 (sprt goods, toys, plastics)
-bay 3 31,32,33 (market)
-bay 4 34,35,36 (housewares, Chems, pet/one spot) also 37 (paper)
-that's 4 ppl on front of line
-4 bays on back of line
-3 for bkstk; 1 for soft lines, 1 pallet for push HBA/stat and a flat for repacks(stat/HBA/ pets/ kitchen etc.
2 people on back of line.
-1 person sorts repacks for a/b on the floor with double decker carts during unload.
-3 people breakout soft lines at the horseshoe.
-normally 3 pullers/bowlers + 2 team leads.
We have one wave start in A/B (pets/chem/HBA/housewares/stat/paper.)
We have another wave that does market then e/f
We have one person push dock then join market.
3 or 4 people push soft lines
1 person pulls/pushes/back stocks electronics.
Two to three people push A/b carts(repacks).
Backroom comes out to push if they are ahead or flow is behind.
Back room consists of 4 people a night(32hours)
They come in at 10:30; flow at 11.
We are usually always done by 4:45 before flow has to take a lunch.
Back room goes to lunch at 3:30 and is always finished by 7 am.
We take a food truck 3 nights a week as well. Totes diff way we do things on those nights.
For non food truck nights we avg 17 people for food truck nights 20.
May 3, 2013
And normally have 1 person push infant hard lines from flow or back room does it so they can get that back stock first.
May 3, 2013
After A/B wave finishes a/b they move into c/d( beds, Dom, sewing/furn/air filters/fans/ mirrors/lamps/plastics.)
I usually break one person off to push pulls in c/d and one person to sort and push repacks.
Nov 23, 2012
Every stores custom blocks are different, the ideal is what ever your biggest ones are need to be at the end of the line. At my store.

E/E custom block is first because we always push E/E
Infants and groceries are at the end of the line everything in the middle is based on smallest push to biggest granted not always the same but overall it works.
5 TM push side, 2 backstock side, 2-3 unloaders changing out every 20 minutes or so,1 scanner, 2 pushers - 1 of which is flipping.
generally have 2 pallet pullers and 2 people bowl all grocery, 1 floats between 3 areas D&E and C. We have enough softlines that one of them usually help bowl while 2 others are breaking out.
Softlines break out is also separated 1 for hanging and 1 for folding, keeps them from talking as much.
Repacks, we have 1 person breaking out repacks on the floor during the unload, when truck is done repack team works the repacks while the 1 breakout person stays ahead of them breaking out the next area and they follow.
Wave team starts grocery, then moves to front of HBO to D&E, C, Toys by the time the store opens we have the back of A&B and seasonal.

BR does come out and push when we have the time, I usually have 7-8 backroom TM's scheduled but 1 does the bulk from the truck, 1 is electronics, 1 does my FDC, GRC2, Bev side. But generally BR does handle toys and usually all of C at times.

or trucks generally average 2100 usually Flow is gone by 8:30 or 9am at the latest. BR depending on the day and workload since they are on the floor a lot or usually there till 10 or 11:30 at the latest and those are the big workload days a lot of transition or what have you.
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